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Awsum!!!: Whalers 29 July 2007 (Season: 2007)
Report by: Captain Elvis, slayer of the Pequod

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That's us that is. Oh yes
The Whalers fixture is one of the highlights of the year, mainly because they're an affable bunch of guys who don't make us feel too bad when they stuff us. And stuff us they do pretty much every year; and when they're done stuffing us in the regular season, they stuff us in the Rodbert Cup. All that changed yesterday when not only did we win, we did so quite convincingly.

For once I won the toss and elected to bat, following the old maxim of always bat first or if not, think about batting second and then still bat first. Silly idea, I was told by a German looking gentleman with a Yorkshire brogue, who went on to inform me that the pitch would dry out and become a batting paradise, a London version of Lahore in January if you will.

It appeared he might be right as extras became our highest scorer earlier on in the innings and only the Director of the top 3 making it into double figures. However, the erstwhile Bradford Bavarian began to build an innings, slowly at first with the odd four here and there and then more rapidly, taking 20 off an over, including a lovely six that cleared the boundary next to the poplars and a couple of other meaty fours to take him to his 50. He was ably supported by a quickfire innings from Arsey, that added a little impetus to the innings and some solid support from Ginge, who's contribution to the longest partnership of the day was 0. A few big hits by the lower order that never went on to contribute anything significant and we ended up all out for a few more than 140.

I'd suggested to Puff during our innings that I thought we needed at least that score to have any sort of chance and as it happened we only required close to half that. This was down to the most consistent bowling I've seen from the entire Salix attack all season and to some outstanding fielding. Evidence of the former is obvious from the figures below, but it should also be noted that we only bowled one wide all day and I don't think many more in no-balls.

Ginge, bowling pace into the wind, was unlucky not to pick up a wicket and I suspect would have cleaned up the tail, if the German hadn't done so. However, he like most of the team had an excellent day in the field, running out one of their batsmen with a great direct hit on the stumps from mid-off. CK1 took a sharp catch in the covers to dismiss one of their openers and also prevented a couple of early fours with some excellent reaction stops. The Director had a good game behind the stumps, taking a good couple of catches and keeping the number of byes manageable.

Thanks to Whalers, who were as gracious in defeat as they are in victory and were kind enough to lend us an extra fielder as we were a man short.

Man of the match to the German - it's hard to argue with 64 runs, 2 wickets and a smartly taken catch at mid-on to dismiss Whaler's highest scorer. However, he also picks up the only fine of the match - £1 for making me feel bad about batting first. I'm sensitive, me.

Well done to the team and if we can beat Whalers, maybe this could be our year against Lemmings and Nigerians too. Maybe.

Salix CC versus Whalers at Glaxo on 29-07-2007(35 Over Game)
Salix CC (batting first)148all outoff34overs Match Won
Whalers77all outoff25.3overs
NoPlayerScoreHow Out
1.Dominic Spillane6Caught
2.Tony Fletcher10Caught
3.Mark Dyson4LBW
4.Andy Rayner64Bowled
5.Christy Kulasingam5Caught
6.Adam Darling11Bowled
7.Stuart Lumsden0Caught
8.Andrew Harvey7Caught
9.Mike Ellis4Bowled
10.Roger Heaton4Caught
11.Stuart Lumsden1Not Out
1.Roger Heaton42321.5012.000.75
2.Stuart Lumsden41110--2.75
3.Andrew Harvey51723.5015.001.40
4.Mike Ellis7125125.0042.003.57
5.Christy Kulasingam411125.5012.002.75
6.Andy Rayner1.30522.504.503.33
Tony Fletcher2catches
Christy Kulasingam1catch
Andy Rayner1catch
Adam Darling1drop

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Capn Elvis left the following remarks on 31st July 2007

If we're mentioning names, then Puff had another great spell - much though it pains me to say it as he's tying me for most number of wickets. But yeah, excellent bowling all round and it's the first thing the oppo said to me when we came off.

Matt Prior left the following remarks on 30th July 2007

As keeper on the day (and being unable to walk today I’ll just type this from my chaise longue,nurofen to hand) to say what a pleasure it was to keep to our bowling attack, esp Rog whose figures were little short of stupendous and CK1 whose opening overs were amongst the best I have ever faced and to re-iterate the Captains point about what a nice bunch the Whalers are. Also, I think he was right to bat first, but then what do I know, I always thought Hertz Van Hire was an American grunge band.