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There are many things certain in life: death, taxes and defeat: London Nigerians 12 Aug 2007 (Season: 2007)
Report by: MikeyMike

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Reader Ball -18 quid. Top bowler - priceless
I suggested in this column a couple of weeks ago that on current form we might have a chance of a first time victory over London Nigerians. There again, I also suggested similarly of Lemmings and they handed out a proper thrashing to us last week.

The Nigerians didn't quite do the same, but my optimism was still misplaced and we perished to yet another defeat, albeit giving them a closer game than ever before. After winning the toss and electing to bat, the Director and Matt built a steady start, seeing off both the openers and taking us to 34 without loss. Matt, who's desperately in need of a nickname, in particular looked in fine form, opening the innings with a lovely cut 4 off the first ball. When the partnership was broken, they both went in short order, the Director skying a leading edge and Matt clean bowled trying to push the run rate.

Thereafter and on a difficult wicket the rest of the team contributed well, with decent patient knocks from exCapn Ben and CK1 giving us a reasonable, although not outstanding score of 148 to defend. With Stuart a late illness related withdrawal, the original bowling attack was slightly depleted, but Salix set about their task well.

CK1 and Padders bowled accurately and quickly to stifle the openers, with Padders getting the breakthrough, a full length ball skittling off the batsman's pad and onto the stumps. He followed this up an over later with an absolute gem that went straight through their dangerman's gate to snick off the bails. I had their no. 4 LBW a few overs after that and at 30 for 3 we were looking well placed for an inaugural victory. Unfortunately our bowling then went a little awry and we dropped both of the incumbent batsmen twice as they inched their way to respectable scores. Most of the chances were fairly difficult, but there can be no excuse for the drop on the opening left hander, which both Padders and I called for without hearing the other - result an almighty Benny Hill style collision and a dropped catch, credited to both of us below but which I'll take as I had no business going for it in the first place.

Some slightly wayward bowling put Nigerians on the run rate and despite picking up a number of late wickets we'd put ourselves under too much pressure to tie up the game.

There were a few highlights along the way. The German bowled well and intelligently through his 7 overs and was unlucky not to pick up a few more wickets. His Norman Wisdom comedy dancing style stop next to the long on boundary to prevent a certain 4 was also entertaining. Dazzler produced a diving stop in the covers off a ball going like a rocket which was as good a piece fielding from a Salix player as I've seen and the Director took a peach of a right handed catch in the slips, although I won't give him too many props because it's sort of what I expect of him.

Man of the match to CK1 for a patient batting display that helped calm the middle order nerves, and his usual reliable bowling, which almost got us back into the game late in the day. Goon of the match to me for what I think was a crucial dropped catch and for a few poor captaincy decisions in the field. I'll fine myself £3. Thanks to Nigerians for an excellent game and to the family Shaw for their continued unerring support.

Salix CC versus London Nigerians at Glaxo on 12-08-2007(35 Over Game)
Salix CC (batting first)148for 8off35overs Match Lost
London Nigerians153for 6off31.2overs
NoPlayerScoreHow Out
1.Matthew Parratt17Bowled
2.Tony Fletcher11Caught
3.Ben Shaw26LBW
4.Andy Rayner5LBW
5.Christy Kulasingam33Caught
6.Richard Kluth6Caught
7.Mark Dyson12Not Out
8.Will Venning0Caught
9.David Padmore4Run Out
10.Mike Ellis3Not Out
11.Darren Gavigan0Did Not Bat
1.Christy Kulasingam7027213.5021.003.86
2.David Padmore511527.5015.003.00
3.Mike Ellis7127127.0042.003.86
4.Darren Gavigan30330--11.00
5.Andy Rayner7023123.0042.003.29
6.Richard Kluth10120--12.00
7.Tony Fletcher1.20140--10.50
Tony Fletcher1catch
Will Venning1catch
Mike Ellis1drop
David Padmore1drop
Matthew Parratt1drop
Ben Shaw1drop

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Bison left the following remarks on 14th August 2007

Ah well, we came closer this year. In the spirit of fining oneself rather than anyone else, I'll take £3 for being late, rebate myself £1 because I couldn't help it, and add £1 for needing to go and do a great big shit whilst we were fielding.