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The sun shines, but not on us: Seer Green 9 Sept 07 (Season: 2007)
Report by: The Direktor

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The Lads help Baldrick recreate his glory
September has dawned bright and nice: it’s the summer we never had this year and so as per usual the lads journeyed to the beautiful and moneyed land that is the Chilterns for out annual fixture against Seer Green.  We assembled full of hope and with our Players of the Year (a bit late, road works at Shepherds Bush apparently), full of sunshine and bravado.  But it was not to pan out thus.  Under the waning sun we lost the toss, CK1 and SteveO bowled a few tight overs and then it all went downhill faster than Hermann Maier on speed.

I must pass us onto the Bard for his assessment as extracted from Romeo and Juliet  (he bowled a mean zooter, apparently)

"O woe! O woeful, woeful, woeful day!
Most lamentable day. Most woeful day
That ever, ever I did yet behold!
O day, O day, O day! O hateful day!
Never was seen so black a day as this.
O woeful day! O woeful day!"

No less than 7 catches went down.  Elvis and the Duttanator got seriously spanked  and the Puff received such a caning that were it not for his wickets he would have entered the Hall of Shame.  On the bright side Uncle Willie took the best catch ever seen in these parts (see photo).  As our host mentioned at tea – quite a competitive target, even allowing for the fact that one boundary was only about 3 feet from the wicket. 

And our batters proved no less rubbish than our fielders, collapsing like an origami house in a Tokyo earthquake. Only Puffs redeeming 30 not out (complete with runner and hamstring) saw us anything like get a score that we didn’t deserve. 

Big up to our hosts, this was a lovely game played in a wonderful spirit in front of lots of spectators and very friendly. We’ll be back next year for more wonderful grub and we’ll bring our own Vaseline.  At least the sun shone.

Salix CC versus Jordans Taverners (Seer Green) at Seer Green on 09-09-2007(35 Over Game)
Salix CC (batting second)124all outoff29overs Match Lost
Jordans Taverners (Seer Green)254for 6off35overs
NoPlayerScoreHow Out
1.Dave Henig22Bowled
2.Tony Fletcher6Caught
3.Richard Kluth0Bowled
4.Christy Kulasingam11Bowled
5.Barrett Hogue11Caught
6.Will Venning2Bowled
7.Stuart Lumsden7Bowled
8.Andrew Harvey30Not Out
9.Mike Ellis0Caught
10.Kunal Dutta4Caught
11.Steve Jacobs3Caught
1.Steve Jacobs71340--4.86
2.Christy Kulasingam6321121.0036.003.50
3.Mike Ellis61500--8.33
4.Andrew Harvey6067233.5018.0011.17
5.Stuart Lumsden7037137.0042.005.29
6.Kunal Dutta3033216.509.0011.00
Will Venning1catch
Mike Ellis2drops
Stuart Lumsden2drops
Andrew Harvey1drop
Barrett Hogue1drop
Steve Jacobs1drop

After photoshop...

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Ginge left the following remarks on 12th September 2007

At least our scorecard isn't this bad: http://news.bbc.co.uk/sport1/hi/cricket/other_international/new_zealand/latest_scorecard/default.stm

Uncle Willie left the following remarks on 10th September 2007

Don't be modest, the athletic form in this photo is a far better reflection of that catch you took in the slips against the Nigerians.

The Direktor left the following remarks on 10th September 2007

Uncle Willie in action (alternate shot)

The Direktor left the following remarks on 10th September 2007

Pride cometh before a fall, Bise. And over here in England a Scandi is a big truck..

Bise left the following remarks on 10th September 2007

Shall I buy a kiddies catching practice set? Maybe it would help. Incidentally, my brand new Scandi girlfriend (no, it's not the 12-year old who spanked Fletch) informs me that "Bise" means "turd" in Swedish. So big up to all the Guttsta team, who were gentlemanly enough not to mention it.