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Rain rain go away, come again another day: Blenheim Palace CC 23 Sept 07 (Season: 2007)
Report by: Mr JamontheM25

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The Lads pose proudly
And thus the season came to close: a season of manky weather, some very pleasant games and the inaugural one for Captain Elvis in which he insists I mention he oversaw 7 wins, 6 loses and one draw (excluding Sveden, of course) .  And I won’t mention how our archenemies the Mighty Wanderers just kept beating us, or we lost to St Annes....

Still, the BBC Weatherperson of indeterminate gender had promised a bright but blustery day, our supporters Club (Mrs Elvis Senior), Uncle Willie plus entourage and the Shaw clan had turned out in force.  As me and the Tinkerman had got stuck on the motorway I missed who won the toss, but we were batting as I arrived and Capn Ben put on good show to get a whacking 50 on a slow pitch with a large outfield (or the South Lawn as I believe His Royal Dukeness calls it) after our teams resident Toffs, Bison and Arsey had respectively ambled a single to be run out and left a straight one.  I understand these two are “moving in together” to form a new household of the alternative type.  Interviewing for a butler will be fun for them.  But I digress. And so CK1 came to the crease and hit a whopping 67 , the highest score this year by a regular and taking him up to a third of a thousand for this year. A bit of pathetic whacking from me, Myring and Flossie saw the last couple of overs out and it was time for Mrs Del’s special tea.  Very nice.

And then into the field.  I must say the place was looking void of Japanese tourists as the skies blackened and sure enough we managed just 18 overs before calling it a day in persistent drizzle. All the lads bowled well and our hosts were 74 for 4 off 18. 

On the way to the boozer, Flossie bootstrapped his “Gooseberry TM” into action (it’s like a Blackberry but hairier) to check out the Duckworth Lewis.  Well, it turns out, DL doesn’t work as it only applies after 20 overs, although for 20-20 games it can apply after 5 overs . However, Flossies hitechness informed us that if it had gone to 20 overs then the hosts would have needed to be on 91 for 4 to be level.  Thus they had to score 17 in two overs, which was eminently possible.  So it looks like it was pretty much dead level. And so to the Kings Arms in Woodstock where last year I had cause to ponder Chief Inspector Morse and the case of the Missing Middle Order. Well, not this year, they have been found, alive and well.

So a wet end to a season with a wet start, but fun all the same: lovely hosts and, as Arnie memorably said, “We’ll be back”  
Salix CC versus Blenheim Park CC at Blenheim Palace on 23-09-2007(35 Over Game)
Salix CC (batting second)169for 7off35overs Match Drawn
Blenheim Park CC74for 4off18overs
NoPlayerScoreHow Out
1.Mark Dyson4Run Out
2.Ben Shaw54Bowled
3.Adam Darling10Bowled
4.Graham Nannery6Bowled
5.Christy Kulasingam67Bowled
6.Richard Kluth4Bowled
7.Tony Fletcher6Not Out
8.Roger Heaton3Bowled
9.Stuart Lumsden0Did Not Bat
10.Mike Ellis0Did Not Bat
11.Charlie Hewitt0Did Not Bat
1.Roger Heaton5020120.0030.004.00
2.Stuart Lumsden6025125.0036.004.17
3.Charlie Hewitt4015115.0024.003.75
4.Mike Ellis3111111.0018.003.67
Christy Kulasingam1catch

The Toffs dont eat things wrapped in plastic, only silver

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Bison left the following remarks on 24th September 2007

While it's true that Arsey's flintlock is generally very rusty, I always make him wash it before he comes to bed.

The Direktor left the following remarks on 24th September 2007

Bowling figures fixed (what can i say, I was half watching a rerun of Phoenix Nights whilst typing). Regarding the semantically dubious Arsey-Bison thing, I'd like to make it clear that Arsey had nothing to do with it, with Bise claiming that Capn Ben "called for one that wasn't there". I just hope their respective menservants won't be organizing a duel on Hamsptead Heath over it as I understand Arseys flintlock has got very rusty..

Capn Elvis 2 left the following remarks on 24th September 2007

I also think Rog might be a bit offended that you've given his bowling figures to Bison.

Capn Elvis left the following remarks on 24th September 2007

Another excellent batting performance - well done chaps. I think I got a maiden, by the way. And Bison was run out by ex Capn, not by Arsey. Whatever, top season - our most successful for a number of years. Obviously, I'd like to claim all the credit, but I think it's more down to us being able to put out a consistently good bowling attack and from a greater maturity to our batting, which has been especially notable in the last few games.