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Nice weather, shame about the batting: SOTCC 11 May 2008 (Season: 2008)
Report by: The Dodderer

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Tink and Dickie relax...
A spell of hot weather saw Salix B roll up to the richness that is Esher for our first game ever against Choppers lads, the South Thames Orthopaedic Cricket Club. Simultaneously Salix A were rolling up in Islip for our first ever two teams on one day, day. Many firsts today, including Gingers first as Captain, two new debutants for Salix. Winning the toss Captain ginger put us into bat and almost immediately your correspondent was bowled via one that hit him in the man parts and dropped onto the stumps. But Mr A, playing his one game a year, soldiered on however partners came and went, inc The German who nicked a beauty to the slips where it hit the fielder in the chest and was clasped, the Tinkerman whacking a bold ten with his new lightweight bat, but things were looking bleak as we struggled to but 80 odd for 9.

Anyhow, cometh the hour cometh the men as Captain Ginger was out for golden, Jesus was not ready, and in came the KMan to avoid a time out and then some whacking started. As Jesus then joined him at the crease the two of them put on a 50 in no short time to take us to 133 at tea. Not a good total. But not 80.

As Man U took the Premiership, we all trotted out to field and Jesus had one last burst in him before doing a Jacobs and retiring permanently to the outfield, but it was Captain Ginger who put us on the track and we slowly accumulated wickets. But 133 was not really defendable and the STOCC trotted out winners in 28 overs, helped by a cameo from their Captian Chopper, who's figures read - 6, edge to ground, edge, edge for 2, edge dropped, wild waft and miss, holed out to the Tinkerman.

And so as the sun set on Esher, so it also set on Chelsea and apparently on Salix A in Islip. Thus Salix lost in two counties simultaneously. A new first! We'll be renewing this fixture.

Salix CC versus STOCC at Esher on 11-05-2008(35 Over Game)
Salix CC (batting first)133for 11off33overs Match Lost
STOCC137for 6off28overs
NoPlayerScoreHow Out
1.Tony Fletcher1Bowled
2.Mark Amselem24Caught
3.Richard Kluth1LBW
4.Andy Rayner5Caught
5.Graham Nannery10Bowled
6.Daniel Donnelly5LBW
7.Jonathan Coker11Bowled
8. Cham (Guest)2Bowled
9.Stuart Lumsden0Caught
10.Kunal Dutta9Not Out
11.Alastair Davidson37Run Out
12.Rajeev Sanwalka0Bowled
1.Alastair Davidson62290--4.83
2.Stuart Lumsden7031310.3314.004.43
3.Kunal Dutta7036218.0021.005.14
4.Daniel Donnelly6025125.0036.004.17
5.Andy Rayner1010--1.00
6.Rajeev Sanwalka10100--10.00
Graham Nannery2catches
Andy Rayner1catch
Mark Amselem1drop
Daniel Donnelly1drop
Kunal Dutta1drop
Richard Kluth1drop
Rajeev Sanwalka1drop

If money smelled, this is what it would look like

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The Duckman left the following remarks on 12th May 2008

Dear SteveO, thanks for your pedantry, sorry eagle eyed checking, fixed the overs thing, and yes, the Tinkerman has moved to an older Salix club bat hewn out of only half a log.

Re wot a stinker at least Raj ran around a bit and was not bowled via a slower one that hit him in his atrophied lower parts, did not take a catch, did not drop a catch and did not do much at all except sleep though Match of the Day.

Steve-O left the following remarks on 12th May 2008

PS Tinker's new light weight bat? Shurely shum mishtake?!

Steve-O left the following remarks on 12th May 2008

According to the scorecard The German seems to have bowled a maiden without bowling an over; some achievement! Poor Raj not a good day at the office it would seem - a duck, one over for 10 and a drop... pure Salix!