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Ginger Joy as Salix win their third: Hetairoi 9 June 2008 (Season: 2008)
Report by: The K-Man aka Les

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Batting failures support batting successman
These are heady times for Salix CC. Just like America’s quest for a new president, there is palpable sense of change in the air driven by new leadership as well as some tough, uncompromising cricket at crucial moments.

But before the Mark Nicholas-style appraisal, a few words about today’s team. It comprised Salix’s old soldiers and fearless young glory-seekers. Put out to field first with temperatures touching 30 degrees, both rookies and veterans had lessons to learn.

Take for example, The Nurdler. His stunning catch at gulley off CK1’s bowling was a master class of how to hold your nerve and follow a ball as its flies off the bat.

It sat in stark contrast to Les, who earlier in the day put two hands up in a way that might have scooped first prize in a Bhangra dance-off, but did little else other than ensure Steve-O’s valiant bowling efforts went unrewarded.

Later Daoud was to prove an extreme embodiment of the term: ‘back yourself’. As the opposition skied one upwards, his instructions to his peers were figuratively blast out over a megaphone. “LEAVE IT, LEAVE IT, LEAVE IT,” he cried, legging it across the field and clearing everyone out of the way like a bomb disposal team turning up at Brent Cross. Unfortunately it was in vein and the ball plopped dead onto the grass.

But those clangers don’t tell the full fielding story. This after all was a day when intense pressure by the opening bowlers (Steve-O, CK1, Ginger and Daoud) and some panther-like fielding kept the score restricted to 20-odd by drinks. In the second half, some intelligent bowling from The Chazzman saw more wickets fall and Les finally get his man after being bludgeoned to every part of West London in his four-over spell. Hetaroi finished on a healthy 129-7.

I will allow Cameron,(Eds note: seed of the Steve-O loin), to summarise the first 10-overs of Salix batting response. As Tink and Nurdler tried desperately to get Salix back in the game after an unlucky early duck from the Director, the young lad shouted: “This is like having Geoffrey Boycott batting on both ends. Nothing’s happening.”

The young nipper (who has already earned the title “Cricket’s very own Simon Cowell”) needs to be careful not to put his automatic place in the side in 2011 into jeopardy with such candid backseat commentary.

Unfortunately Tink too was run out, so when CK1 arrived to the crease with three wickets down and the score still under 20, it looked like an old familiar story.

But he was later joined by Ginger and both set about rebuilding the innings with courage and defiance, where a middle order batting collapse would have often been the norm. Instead CK1 finished with a stylish 37 and Ginger swung some lusty aerial blows all sides of the wicket, in a mature Captain’s knock that saw him finish unbeaten on 62. Bear in mind this was after taking two wickets and orchestrating the perfect run out earlier in the day.

Yet Ginger (who is fast earning himself a new nickname “Captain Angry”) continues to be just as tough on his own performance as he is on others. When Chazza was run-out there were still two runs needed from the last over and only two rabbits to hit them.

Ginger saw Les walk up to the wicket. “I think I’ve just lost this game for us,” he whispered. These words of encouragement spurred Les into the cover drive of his life, a celebratory run (see reconstructed pic) and that was it. The war was won

So that’s three victories on the bounce, a captain’s innings and defiant fight after being four wickets down and practically out. Ever heard of the term “bouncebackability”?

Salix CC versus Hetairoi CC at Glaxo on 08-06-2008(35 Over Game)
Salix CC (batting second)130for 8off33overs Match Won
Hetairoi CC129for 7off35overs
NoPlayerScoreHow Out
1.Dominic Spillane8Caught
2.Tony Fletcher0Bowled
3.Graham Nannery4Run Out
4.Christy Kulasingam37Caught
5.Andy Rayner0LBW
6.Darren Gavigan1Caught
7.Stuart Lumsden62Not Out
8.Daoud Shanvare1LBW
9.Charlie Hewitt3Run Out
10.Kunal Dutta2Not Out
11.Steve Jacobs0Did Not Bat
1.Steve Jacobs71180--2.57
2.Daoud Shanvare61120--2.00
3.Stuart Lumsden7125212.5021.003.57
4.Christy Kulasingam7214114.0042.002.00
5.Kunal Dutta4035135.0024.008.75
6.Charlie Hewitt401829.0012.004.50
Stuart Lumsden1catch
Dominic Spillane1catch
Kunal Dutta1drop
Andy Rayner1drop
Daoud Shanvare1drop

CK1 whacks a big 4

this weeks correspondent

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Impartial Reporter left the following remarks on 10th June 2008

Free press or not, having witnessed the delivery that got TF, I thought it was a jolly good ball rather than a wafty shot (which would have been cause to sharpen the pencils). That said, I'll go in harder next time, now that I know you all and stuff...

J Stalin left the following remarks on 10th June 2008

The Nurdler is totally correct here, this a free press, totally unfettered, say whatever you like. Well, I must rush as I have to get in my Ferrari to go and meet my girlfriend, Paris, for a bottle of two of Crystal before we go back to the Penthouse to get packed for the flight to Barbados in my learJet.

The Nurdler left the following remarks on 10th June 2008

If Ben's reading this - Daoud's drop rivalled your effort with Paul (at Seer Green?). This time I was standing about 2 yards from where the ball dropped. Good report Kunal but next time avoid the shameless pandering to The Authorities. This is a free press. Never describe one of Herr Direktor's dismissals as unlucky!

Your Correspondent left the following remarks on 9th June 2008

Thank you sir. Though just for the record I would like to make clear that it was obviously my girlfriend watching "Sex in the City", though having made her a cricket widow over the last few weekends I had to sit tight and oblige. Right, now we've cleared that up, it's back to the day job...

Duckman left the following remarks on 8th June 2008

An inaugural match report by our resident, paid by the word professional, the K-Man, knocked out whilst watching Sex in the City, thus making him simultaneously metro sexual and a match winner.