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Salix hammer St. Annes by eight wickets: St Annes 13 July 2008 Glaxo (Season: 2008)
Report by: The Smutmeister

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Puffs Heroic catch (renactment)
Solid performances by Messrs German and Nurdler hammer home the advantage gained from the Salix bowling attack.

The wicket was green and a little damp as the visitors elected to bat after winning the toss. Early strikes from Steve-O and CK1 via the edge got Salix off to a good start and a strong performance all round in the field ensured that St Anne's had to battle hard to score 90. The highlight of the day was Puffs heroic diving catch off his own bowling.

Our bowlers had a fairly even haul between them, with Steve-O finally reaching the clubs all time wicket taking record of 154. As well as his spectacular catch, Puff got three wickets with Elvis and CK1 getting two apiece.

Fielding was strong with two catches from aged Direktor and a well-snaffled edge by the German. And who can forget our elderly openers contribution: a tricky one held by the Dominator.

After one of Glaxo's best teas and time to watch South Africa's stoic stand at Lords, the Salix batsmen were looking to wrap things up nice and early. Our openers put on a solid performance with a varied series of deliveries from the visitors. Unfortunately Bisons special batting hat didn't provide the advantage he hoped for and was bowled by a ball that was unplayable. (Eds note: I thought it was Bisons Batting Boater, but I am assured our Ray Mears look-a-like was sporting a Panama, which is sadly not alliterative) The Nurdler stayed to the bitter end and was helped by a solid spell from Fletch; the German high scored for Salix and even got a couple of sixes. Finally a special thanks to the most undemanding of players - Mr Extras who high scored on 29!

Salix CC versus St Annes All Stars at Glaxo on 13-07-2008(35 Over Game)
Salix CC (batting second)91for 2off25overs Match Won
St Annes All Stars90all outoff31overs
NoPlayerScoreHow Out
1.Dominic Spillane24Not Out
2.Mark Dyson2Bowled
3.Tony Fletcher9Caught
4.Andy Rayner27Not Out
5.Graham Nannery0Did Not Bat
6.Christy Kulasingam0Did Not Bat
7.Stuart Lumsden0Did Not Bat
8.Tim Collins0Did Not Bat
9.Mike Ellis0Did Not Bat
10.Andrew Harvey0Did Not Bat
11.Steve Jacobs0Did Not Bat
1.Steve Jacobs52924.5015.001.80
2.Christy Kulasingam711125.5021.001.57
3.Andrew Harvey501535.0010.003.00
4.Mike Ellis7035217.5021.005.00
5.Stuart Lumsden71150--2.14
Tony Fletcher2catches
Andy Rayner2catches
Andrew Harvey1catch
Dominic Spillane1catch
Christy Kulasingam2drops

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Poor Programmer left the following remarks on 27th July 2008

whoops-a-dasiy, you are quite right. Fixed now

Seed-of-Steve (SOS) left the following remarks on 27th July 2008

Tony, you've somehow deleted the New Beckenham report. Is it an accident, or...

Ginge left the following remarks on 17th July 2008

From the sentence construction, I gathered it was, in fact my Dad, who wrote said entry. He confirmed that this morning - he's not very subtle.

Steve-O left the following remarks on 16th July 2008

Hey Stu take it from someone with a few years more life experience than your good self - I think your mother may feel she isn't seeing enough of her son. I may be wrong of course but I tend to have a "nose" for these things LOL

Russet Maned One's Mum left the following remarks on 14th July 2008

We love to read your match reports which are often the only evidence we have that our batting,bowling,fielding,smiling (oops)offspring has not emigrated.

Bison left the following remarks on 14th July 2008

Unless ordered otherwise by the skipper, I shall henceforth repair to a purveyor of fancy dress items and aquire another of my favourite batting hats. To whit, a very large pirate hat. It seems to be the attire I bat best in. Perhaps, as observed by Rog, because I am nothing but a jolly rogering pirate of men's pants.

The Direktor left the following remarks on 13th July 2008

A game of records as Steve-O finally went past the old chaps all time club wicket taking record, courtesy it must be said, by the old chap taking two catches off Steve-O's bowling. I'm not bitter.

And as I have retired from bowling it looks like the race is now on for Elvis to surpass the Steve-O, this also being the game where Elvis became only the third person in our history to hit the ton of wickets, so big up to him. As Elvis has a much superior strike rate to t the Steve-O some elementary maths indicates this will occur on June 27th 2013. Anyhow, well done to both of them.

And hello to Gingers mum if she's online. I trust your russet-maned offspring has given you the password and we look forward to hearing from you.