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Tie-tastic as we get on the BBC: Gents 14 Sept 2008 (Season: 2008)
Report by: The Direktor, an elderly wicket taker

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Dave Gorman and the Gents lads filming Genius
After literally weeks of rain, our last game at Glaxo dawned as bright and fair as you could have hoped.  Traditionally a match played against a backdrop of gloom and falling leaves, it was fair, sunny and even a touch warm.  And what a day.  We kicked off by belatedly presenting some of the prizes washed out on Captains day (see here for the photos and stuff.)

We then took a half hour out to accommodate the BBC who had come along to film us as a backdrop for the new Dave Gorman Show “Genius” (which is being transferred to BBC 2 in Spring 2009).  You can read more about the show here and even send them some ideas. An excellent bunch all and it was all going swimmingly until we set up a field so they could film close ups of a few players whacking the ball.  We were one player short at this game so I had press ganged my neighbour into coming.  He was keen but hadn’t played for a good few years. Anyhow, the inevitable happened and whilst he was crouching at silly mid on a super whack hit the end of his index finger and broke it in about 9 places, so it was off to A and E and no game for him as he became the third Salix player to be injured before a game actually started.. you can see these in our injuries section – look at 17 and 31)

Finally however the game got underway with the Gents opening. The extensive heavy weather meant that the outfield was long and wet and the pitch was certainly pinging a bit.  This all added up to struggle to get runs and at tea the Gents had only managed 89 of which 35 were down to one player, with only 3 players getting into double figures.  Salix bowled no less than 7 players, all of whom got a wicket.  This was attritional cricket at its finest and a tribute to both teams that we slogged it out.

Tea was a fractionally nicer affair than normal, befitting perhaps the sunny weather and so it was Salix into chase. And thus the match developed into what I can only describe as one of the better games I have ever seen.  With such a small total to defend the Gents set some very tight fields and needed to bowl every ball on the mark.  Which they pretty much did.  And this is not an easy task.  The Salix players found the same problems in getting the ball away and indeed finally managed only 3 players who got into double figures.  Highlights of the lads were the florid Rog showing some totally unexpected flair and skill and much Caribbean styling flicking off the pads and Kunwar, in his first competitive game for us, ditto.  However after about 17 overs we were 29 short and 8 wickets down.  Then came a very protracted period as CK1 did the whacking and yours truly did the holding down one end as we chased the run rate of TWO AN OVER.  Yes, it was that hard.  Ten overs ensued and we got to within 6 runs of a win when my wicket fell to decent catch and then Elvis fell for a couple and it was down to Mr Shaw (rerunning as lowest scorer) and CK1 to steer us through.  As the Gents clustered round the bat the odd single came and we were tied.  And on the final ball one popped up and was caught by the wickie.

Thus the first tie in Salix history (that I can remember anyhow) and I think it fair to say a perfect end to a fantastic game played in a wonderful spirit.

Salix CC versus Gents of West London at Glaxo on 14-09-2008(35 Over Game)
Salix CC (batting second)89all outoff32overs Match Tied
Gents of West London89all outoff29.5overs
NoPlayerScoreHow Out
1.Dave Henig2Caught
2.Roger Heaton23Caught
3.Adam Darling0Run Out
4.Ben Shaw0Bowled
5.Stuart Lumsden5LBW
6.Kunwar Singh13LBW
7.Darren Gavigan3Caught
8.Christy Kulasingam14Caught
9.Tony Fletcher4Caught
10.Mike Ellis2Bowled
11.Steve Davis0Did Not Bat
12.Ben Shaw1Not Out
1.Christy Kulasingam5012112.0030.002.40
2.Stuart Lumsden50919.0030.001.80
3.Kunwar Singh7123211.5021.003.29
4.Mike Ellis501326.5015.002.60
5.Tony Fletcher2014114.0012.007.00
6.Dave Henig301326.509.004.33
7.Roger Heaton2.51111.0017.000.35
Mike Ellis1catch
Dave Henig1catch
Stuart Lumsden1catch
Kunwar Singh1catch
Adam Darling1drop
Stuart Lumsden1drop

The Neighbours finger

Post prandially the lads eat healthily

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"florid" rog left the following remarks on 16th September 2008

I can't have been that florid: I certainly wasn't doing much running. Though still slightly more than Arsey...

Elderly Record Keeper left the following remarks on 15th September 2008

Fixed now, but as you have chosen such a public forum to highlight my deficiencies as the keeper of record, I feel it only fair to point out that I have a photo of you dressed in a rubber horses head that will certainly be seeing the light of day soon.

Ginge left the following remarks on 15th September 2008

I got a catch as well as a drop.