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Ginger Man breaks wickets record but Salix fall to Henman: vs Blenheim Park CC 21 Sep 2008 (Season: 2008)
Report by: The Nurdler

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The Team pose, pre-thrashing
The last game of the season carries a certain melancholic tinge, seven months until the next match, the days getting shorter and, in my case, the imminent arrival of the next batch of undergraduates. Playing at Blenheim has certain compensating factors, especially when a perfect autumn day is provided for the occasion. It was pleasant to see the sun shine on a Salix game after a couple of months of pretty dreary stuff and the palace grounds were in picture perfect order. It should also be noted that Bison was not the last person to arrive, nor indeed the most hung-over – must try harder Mark.

The toss was lost and Salix took the field with the Ginger One (parents in attendance) and CK1 given the new ball. A tight spell ensued and the VC took a couple of quick wickets. When the skipper brought himself on and nipped out another one, the opposition were 31 for 3 and it was looking pretty good. Our scorebook fails to record the details of the opposition innings but the stand that followed was, I think, between their number 3 and 5 batsmen who both got 50-odd, and resulted in the addition of about 80 runs in good time. It was restricted latterly by some good bowling with Daveski and Rog (masquerading as an offie) put in three tightish overs apiece and then the return of the openers drying the runs up further. We were aided by the fact that the number 5 – Mr Henman (No, not HIM, his brother)- was unable to run more than a slow single as he was recuperating from a major accident and relied on boundaries for the majority of his runs. He still managed to beat his partner to 50. At this point CK and Ginger started taking wickets and the innings subsided gently to 148 all out. Not an easy target on the Blenheim track but gettable and with the match being played as a time game, the draws also an option. Congratulations to the Ginger One for a 6 wicket haul which I believe gives him the record haul for wickets in a season for Salix.

Tea was taken al fresco and feature some very nice chicken and a selection of cakes to accompany the sausage rolls and sandwiches. The Salix innings started in steady fashion and we had thirty on the board before your correspondent took a non-existent quick single and was well short. Runs continued to be accumulated at a steady pace and with Daveski and ex-Cap’n Ben in good order we had reached 80 for 3 before Mr Henman was brought on to bowl. Not content with having smashed the bowlers round the park, he proceeded to tempt 6 batsmen to self-destruction with the aid of some good catching. We had got to 140-7 with CK1 and Ginger seemingly in control but another attempted big shot from Ginger saw the ball lob to mid-off and the last two wickets went without addition. The season ends on a losing note then. Congratulations to the Blenheim boys for a good performance. I am hoping not to encounter Mr Henman when he is actually in good physical shape. A tight match and a thoroughly enjoyable day out. I look forward to next season.

Only two things left to say: Thanks for the signed bat and:

Happy Birthday Ollie!!! Seven at the weekend.

Salix CC versus Blenheim Park CC at Blenheim Palace on 21-09-2008(Timed Game)
Salix CC (batting second)140all outoff35overs Match Lost
Blenheim Park CC148all outoff35overs
NoPlayerScoreHow Out
1.Dominic Spillane11Run Out
2.Dave Henig21Caught
3.Richard Kluth6LBW
4.Ben Shaw27Caught
5.Darren Gavigan12Bowled
6.Mark Dyson2Caught
7.Christy Kulasingam26Caught
8.Roger Heaton7Caught
9.Stuart Lumsden12Caught
10.Mike Ellis0Caught
11.Rajeev Sanwalka0Not Out
1.Christy Kulasingam13141313.6726.003.15
2.Stuart Lumsden1203766.1712.003.08
3.Mike Ellis3019119.0018.006.33
4.Rajeev Sanwalka10160--16.00
5.Roger Heaton30140--4.67
6.Dave Henig30140--4.67
Mark Dyson2catches
Ben Shaw2catches
Richard Kluth1catch
Mike Ellis1drop


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[UNKNOWN] left the following remarks on 16th February 2009

I wasn't at the match but it looks like you got thrashed.

Man with the password left the following remarks on 1st October 2008

Changed. I would have done it before but I DIDN'T HAVE A CLUE WHAT U WERE ON ABOUT! See, elliptical goes over my head these days, you gotta give it me straight. In any case 34 off 3 overs looked entirely reasonable e.g. to my standards!

Daveski left the following remarks on 30th September 2008

Still hoping you might make my figures a more reasonable (and accurate) 0-14 rather than the hall of shame entering 0-34

Jim Laker left the following remarks on 24th September 2008

Much as it pains me to forfeit what amounts to 33% of my season's wickets tally, I feel I have to point out that my passable impression of Murali went wicketless (as might be deduced from adding up the total wickets taken in Blenheim's innings...) [Sigh]

Ed:Fixed, my bad this one, the Nurdler had it right.. creeping old age and all that

Daveski left the following remarks on 23rd September 2008

Just because I left some kit for Bison to wash doesn't mean I should be penalised 20 runs to my bowling. He was complaining about getting bored with not working after all. As well as Henman starring for them, one of their guys also took three catches, two of which were taken looking straight into the setting sun, and one described in our scorebook as 'awesome' (to yours truly), which seemed fairly crucial.

Keeper of Record left the following remarks on 23rd September 2008

Big up to the Russet one, only the fourth player ever to take 6 wickets in an innings and his figures fourth best ever performance from a bowler. Also this is the most ever wickets in a season (29) beating me (28 in 2002.) Swine!

The Nurdler left the following remarks on 23rd September 2008

In my defence, it was very late when I typed it all up and it could be viewed as a 20 run penalty for poor shot selection. Of course my choice of fielders to take a quick single to, also looks pretty suspect. Re the picture caption - strictly speaking it was mid-thrashing as we were about to go in to bat after tea.

Capn Elvis left the following remarks on 23rd September 2008

Yeah, sorry lads, for the third time this season your captain could have seen you to victory and blew it - a crap over and a dropped catch at Arkadians and two abysmally poor batting performances this week and last. Muchos practice for me in the closed season. And Herr Direktor, please note that my 3 overs went for 19 runs, not 39. Ed: fixed in my defence this isn't senility, the Nurdler did type 39!

VCGC left the following remarks on 23rd September 2008

I'm still annoyed that we lost. I shouldn't have attempted that drive. When will I learn? It's been giving me sleepless nights. Man, I should learn to relax...

Old Man left the following remarks on 23rd September 2008

I have deleted a word out of the post below as it was deemed so offensive even when I was at school in the 1960's that old Mr Gribble the Eng Lit teacher would whip his cane out if you even mouthed it. Of course, I'm just a grammar Skool lad

Bison left the following remarks on 23rd September 2008

Will the [word deleted] responsible for leaving their Salix sweater and shirt in the mighty Blenheim pav please own up. Items will be returned once my missus has finished dusting.