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Synergy - the working together of two or more things to produce an effect greater than the additive sum of the individual effects: vs Drovers CC 03 May 2009 (Season: 2009)
Report by: VCGC

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Monkey hits 50 on debut
Cricket has always been the most individual of team sports, with a single player often dictating the game. However, even more under the Heathrow flight path than normal and with a greater traffic buzz, Salix kicked off their season with a show of synergistic team work to capture a win.

The new regime started off with the expected disorganisation - a trip to the CO-OP to buy the teas and a third of the team (including yours truly) being thirty minutes late. Nevertheless, Padders ably stepped up and won the toss. We were batting, which enabled a, much missed, quick descent into smut and filth by the awaiting batsmen.

Arsey promptly tore a muscle whilst setting off for a run off the first ball at a pace reminiscent of Uriah Bolt (well, a 83 year old, chain smoking, heavy drinking Uriah Bolt). He was promptly carried off without facing a ball. A metaphor for Salix, if ever there was one. Chopper, however, was scoring at quite a lick (17 off 20 balls), until a real scooter skittled his stumps shortly after a bouncer nearly took his head off.

This brought together the debutant, Monkey, and the old hand, CK1. These two put together a rather rapid 91 run partnership. The highlight being two sixes off one over by Monkey, who then completed a 50. Puff and Ginge scored some quick runs before both being out in typical fashion. Padders steadied the ship with a resolute 27 not out. The innings closed on 191.

Padders and Rog bowled a couple of tight overs with Padders gaining a played-on. Then the stage was all Dazzler's. Padders bowled a shortish one, the pitch offered more bounce than the Glaxo tracks, an attempted cut, a thin top edge, a one handed flying Dazzler snaffling, joyous scenes. With Ginge chipping away at one end and one Drovers' batsman holding firm, the halfway stage was reached with Drovers needing 114 off 17 overs. However, Drovers put together a spirited effort and clawed their way back into the game. CK1 and Baldrick kept their nerve and bowled a series of very tight overs in a difficult position. Baldrick varying his pace well, mixing up his deliveries, bowled particularly well. The Salix ground fielding was particularly pleasing, everybody playing their part to minimise runs. Fletch got down particularly well to smother two very well hit drives. Drovers need 17 off the last over bowled by Baldrick. A couple of tight deliveries pretty much decided the match. This superb game came to slight damp squib of an end when Monkey took a superb catch on the boundary to dismiss the highest scorer for 96. Unlucky.

A good all round performance where everybody contributed (apart from Arsey) in a great game.

Salix CC versus Drovers CC at Harlington on 03-05-2009(35 Over Game)
Salix CC (batting first)191for 7off35overs Match Won
Drovers CC183for 9off35overs
NoPlayerScoreHow Out
1.Mark Rickman17Bowled
2.Adam Darling0Retired Hurt
3.Christy Kulasingam44Caught
4.Charlie Clews53Caught
5.Andrew Harvey10Caught
6.Darren Gavigan2Caught
7.David Padmore27Not Out
8.Stuart Lumsden12Caught
9.Roger Heaton3Caught
10.Will Venning1Not Out
11.Tony Fletcher0Did Not Bat
1.David Padmore7127213.5021.003.86
2.Roger Heaton42110--2.75
3.Stuart Lumsden701944.7510.502.71
4.Charlie Clews40350--8.75
5.Will Venning7039219.5021.005.57
6.Christy Kulasingam60370--6.17
Charlie Clews1catch
Darren Gavigan1catch
Mark Rickman1catch
Adam Darling2drops
Darren Gavigan1drop
Mark Rickman1drop

The Toffs diminish, this year we feature only two

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VCGC left the following remarks on 7th May 2009

also, not sure that CK actually got a wicket. Can anybody confirm? My bad. Ed. Fixed now. All that walking to third man must have addled my brain

VCGC left the following remarks on 6th May 2009

Match report sent to the Editor. I think Will got two wickets.Fixed. Ed

Steve-O left the following remarks on 6th May 2009

Have to say the "new broom" is a bit slow with the match report! LOL

Yesterdays Man left the following remarks on 5th May 2009

New broom and all that. Big up to Padders and Ginger who have ably taken over the reins of organising all you n'er-do-wells and simultaneously demoting to me to the coveted position of man who stands in field and does nothing. However, I would like to complain that it was Third Man at both ends and that's a lot of walking for an elderly man. Big up to Dazzler for a stonking catch and Monkey for a debut 50. I am now officially yesterdays man.