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Youth and Young Manhood: vs New Beckenham Warriors 24 May 2009 (Season: 2009)
Report by: Captain Yesterdays Man

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Our Tassie Hero
If you haven't got the Kings of Leon latest (which is actually called Only by the Night, but that would be a rubbish title for a match report), do buy it, it's awesome. Anyhow an endless trek round the South Circ saw a makeshift Salix team under the command of Captain Yesterdays Man assemble for a fixture against the up and coming youth of New Beckenham.

Cloudless skies, a flat track and a Tasmanian ringer in our team, how could it go wrong? Cap YM won the toss and into bat. Sadly our openers were on the sacrifice block pretty early on, Tinker showing some skill in avoiding a variety of body –pepperers en route and its wasn't looking that hot as by drinks we were 92 for 6 and a substantial part of that due to the (independent) umpires application of a strict League wides rule which in total gave use 46 extras!

After tea, the lower order obeyed orders to stick around and indeed they did as our Tassie ringer put the bowling to the sword and after 33 and a bit overs we finally trotted of to tea (a proper sit down affair with pasta and all sorts of stuff) for 178. A par score I mused....

And so to bowling. We were, in truth looking a bit short in this area however a masterclass in bowling from CK1 and Gouldy (just look at their figures) steadied the ship and saw us towards a thrilling finale. With 15 overs to go the oppos needed about 6 an over and one of their players did it pretty much on his own. Wickets fell and fell and by the start of the 33rd over they were on their last pair and 6 needed. Four off that over then it was all clustered round the bat. A single for a tie and then in a fitting end we bowled a wide for them to win with 8 balls left. In doing so we had given away 57 extras (again, nearly all leg side wides) by the application of the same rule....

But this shouldn't detract from what was a fabulous game of cricket: two stupendous batting and bowling performances were the highlights of the day, and Nick Gould our Tassie ringer from the CAC was man of the match. Other highlights were the first ever appearance of a home grown player, Cameron, Seed of Steve-O and now forever known as Seed-O. I’d also particularly like to thank CK1 for helping me in my first Captaincy appearance for nearly 10 years and Timbo for keeping track of a complex bowling roster. The lads played their hearts out, its was a game of two halves and of course we were all cheered to find out Newcastle had been relegated (well me anyway) ..

Salix CC versus New Beckenham Warriors at HSBC New Beckenham on 24-05-2009(35 Over Game)
Salix CC (batting first)178all outoff33overs Match Lost
New Beckenham Warriors179for 9off34.2overs
NoPlayerScoreHow Out
1.Adam Darling0Bowled
2.Graham Nannery8Bowled
3.Christy Kulasingam20Caught
4.Charlie Clews14Caught
5.Nick Goold76Caught
6.Tim Collins0Bowled
7.Roger Heaton0Bowled
8.Tony Fletcher1Bowled
9.Rajeev Sanwalka8LBW
10.Cameron Jacobs0Run Out
11.Steve Jacobs5Not Out
1.Roger Heaton5.2036136.0032.006.75
2.Christy Kulasingam7223211.5021.003.29
3.Charlie Clews7041141.0042.005.86
4.Nick Goold711829.0021.002.57
5.Steve Jacobs5030215.0015.006.00
6.Adam Darling30190--6.33
Charlie Clews2catches
Steve Jacobs1catch
Tony Fletcher1drop


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Yesterdays Man left the following remarks on 29th May 2009

The curse of the Toffs Thumb strikes again. Poor show though, where's the image of the X-ray for our injuries page..

Adam left the following remarks on 29th May 2009

Turns out that bruised thumb I suffered in the course of scoring a duck and bowling 2 expensive overs was a hairline fracture. Salix sacrifice

Jehan left the following remarks on 26th May 2009

Tony - link to previous seasons is not going to correct page Fixed, ta for pointing it out

Jehan left the following remarks on 26th May 2009

Good to see you boys on Sunday and thanks for a great game.

Steve-O left the following remarks on 26th May 2009

Cheers Tony :-)

Abysmal typer-upper left the following remarks on 26th May 2009

What can I say re my rubbish data entry? Mucho apologiso. 18 overs of keeping in the heat addled my brain and body, I'm lucky you guys are on the ball..

Seed-O left the following remarks on 25th May 2009

I look like an idiot in that picture

Steve-o left the following remarks on 25th May 2009

Sorry but i checked the book before i left and seem to remember my figures being 5-0-30-2 are you trying to keep the record? :)

Don King left the following remarks on 25th May 2009

Pretty sure I sweated for 7 overs... and don't think I went for 26... never mind. Great game. Fixed Ed My bad, scruffy book.