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Collaps-a-mundo time: vs St Annes All Stars 12 Jul 2009 (Season: 2009)
Report by: Yesterdays Man

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Duck city
Where?s summer? After honking it down Sat night at least it dawned clear and a nice day. Wadham (lovely ground) has a covered wicket so it was well playable, but in truth a bit of a Bunsen (of which more later). Losing the toss, our boys lined up in the field minus a few who a: thought the match started later or b: got lost. A sort of Powerplay.

Captain Padders boyz bowled steadily but in truth without too much venom and St Annes languorously (good word eh) cruised to 143 by tea with nothing terribly exciting happening. As this was occurring our boys were in Wales staunchly trying to bat out the last day in the first test and Collingwood was knocking out a 5 hour gritty 60 ?odd. Oh boy, could we have done with him.

Anyway, in to bat. Our regular ancient opener having done his groin or something it was immediate collapse time as the Dazzler played over a straight one and the rest of the top order generally had a bit of trouble with feet and wild swishing etc. The Monkey in particular was undone by a Chinaman which, according to him, turned square. All of which led us to 67 for 5. Trouble time. However cometh the hour etc and Captain Padders started the whacking whilst Yesterdays Man held up the other end (26 dot balls in a row!) and together they put on a 62 run partnership for the 6th wicket until both were out to successive balls. Thus 14 were required to win with 4 wickets left and 3 overs. This of course was a mountain higher than anyone could climb as the tail succumbed in the most feeble of manners to allow St Annes to square our ongoing rivalry 4-all. Thus our beaten run continues apace: on this evidence we couldn?t beat a carpet if we were given an industrial carpet beater.

But a lovely day, excellent opponents and in truth some pretty good bowling from them. Onwards Upwards! Or as they say on Twitter: @Wesuck. We sucked. Mind you the Team?s First Aid kit did celebrate its tenth birthday at this game

Salix CC versus St Annes All Stars at Wadham College Oxford on 12-07-2009(35 Over Game)
Salix CC (batting second)133all outoff34overs Match Lost
St Annes All Stars143for 4off35overs
NoPlayerScoreHow Out
1.Ben Shaw17Bowled
2.Darren Gavigan0Bowled
3.Christy Kulasingam3Caught
4.Charlie Clews17Bowled
5.Nick Goold7Bowled
6.David Padmore62Caught
7.Tony Fletcher10Bowled
8.Rajeev Sanwalka0Caught
9.Roger Heaton3Bowled
10.Steve Jacobs2Not Out
11.Dominic Spillane0Run Out
1.David Padmore7030130.0042.004.29
2.Nick Goold70230--3.29
3.Steve Jacobs70210--3.00
4.Roger Heaton51919.0030.001.80
5.Christy Kulasingam4026126.0024.006.50
6.Rajeev Sanwalka3021121.0018.007.00
7.Charlie Clews20110--5.50
Charlie Clews1catch
David Padmore1catch
Darren Gavigan1drop
Steve Jacobs1drop
David Padmore1drop

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Steve-O-O left the following remarks on 13th July 2009

OK, the season is half done and we seem to be struggling for form - won 1 and lost 7 - however with 7 games still to go we could still come out on top in the win/lose ratio; let's stay positive! I'm off to practice my calling from the non-strikers end!