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Whupped!!!: vs Whalers 26 Jul 2009 (Season: 2009)
Report by: Elvis

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Having held the hex over Salix for much of the decade, Whalers have lost to us 3 times over the last couple of seasons, although admittedly one of these was in the lottery of the indoor competition. With one of our more athletic teams available, we had high hopes of continuing this run; alas, it was not to be. After winning the toss, Whalers elected to bat on a well prepared wicket, albeit with a slower outfield. Their opening partnership started steadily, offering few chances until one of their openers sent up a dolly to mid-off that was duly dropped by your correspondent. It proved an expensive mistake as he went on to make a well earned 67, batting well with our old foe Alistair who finally succumbed to Les, caught smartly at point by Padders. The wicket proved little respite and despite removing the number three cheaply and having kept the run rate moderate, Whalers wickets in hand gave them opportunity to strike out in formidable fashion. Another 50 partnership followed and although the other opener eventually fell to a good catch in the deep by Arsey, that only paved the way for Whaler's number 5 to come in and hit an impressive quickfire 60, which took their total to 213 for 3 off the 35 overs.

It's often stated that a par score at Glaxo is around 200; but with the slow outfield Whaler's score looked even more daunting and there was a sense from the off that we'd have to play exceptionally well to get anywhere close. Whaler's bowling didn't look any more incisive than ours had been and initially it looked like we might make it a close game; however, their fielding, notably their catching, was superb and helped them dismiss a capable Salix batting line up 78 runs shy of the target. Only Kunwar offered any real resistance, knocking out a masterful 40, before he too was dismissed by a superb catch, this time from their keeper. Along the way Chopper had fallen to a diving one handed catch and Arsey was taken smartly low down at silly mid off. A number of our other batsmen were out to strokes more reminiscent of the lower order and as a team we batted without the patience required.

Congratulations to Whalers for a convincing win; it felt like old times. Here's hoping we don't go through another 6 years before we beat them again, although there are few teams who are more gracious in victory and enjoyable to play against.

Salix CC versus Whalers at Glaxo on 26-07-2009(35 Over Game)
Salix CC (batting second)138all outoff27.5overs Match Lost
Whalers213for 3off35overs
NoPlayerScoreHow Out
1.Mark Rickman4Caught
2.Adam Darling13Caught
3.Kunwar Singh40Caught
4.David Padmore2Caught
5.Darren Gavigan4Caught
6.Stuart Lumsden5Caught
7.Roger Heaton18Caught
8.Daoud Shanvare4Bowled
9.Will Venning8Bowled
10.Kunal Dutta2Bowled
11.Mike Ellis22Not Out
1.David Padmore60300--5.00
2.Kunwar Singh6033133.0036.005.50
3.Daoud Shanvare51220--4.40
4.Stuart Lumsden70450--6.43
5.Kunal Dutta30220--7.33
6.Will Venning20210--10.50
7.Mike Ellis6134134.0036.005.67
Adam Darling1catch
David Padmore1catch
Adam Darling1drop
Mike Ellis1drop
David Padmore1drop
Daoud Shanvare1drop

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Scorer left the following remarks on 8th August 2009

Re scores, fixed, someone had scored you under each others name and then put a teensy tiny little arrow to show Arsey was really the Chopper and vice versa. Ah, such is the stuff of precision..

Arsey left the following remarks on 6th August 2009

Who gave Rickman my runs?!