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An unsurprising result: vs London Nigerians 09 Aug 2009 (Season: 2009)
Report by: Yesterdays Man

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Mutt and Jeff AKA 10 and 11
As the Aussies completed their total marmalisation of abject England team at Edgbaston, so we assembled to meet our Nemesis, the London Nigerians. Having only 6 who could initially find the ground we let them bat, and let them borrow Seed-O too. Of which more later.

Always a popular game, we had in our line up no less than 3 new players: Josh and Connor (who came with Uncle Tinker from the OGs) and Vik. Opening the bowling with good line and length, if a touch down on speed, Steve-O got an early breakthrough, however it was then a longish slog through the LNs upper order, enlivened by an excellent C&B by Connor and an amazing slip catch by Uncle Tinker where it lodged in his rotund frame and had to be prised loose. So at tea 197.

Cometh the hour, cometh the ice cream van. That plus an excellent, tea plus lashings of free Dunkin Donuts supplied by the LNs saw a serious E number lethargy overtake our batting line-up. As the comedian said, like the vegetarian German, we feared the worst as Uncle T fell early, bowled off his pads. Connor was dismissed to a fabulous C&B from Mackay (who would have thought the big man could get down so quick? ) CK1 run out in a run that was never there and Paddders, our last hope, run out off a four ball deflected onto the non strikers stumps.

So all that was left was to see if we could make a 100. Sportingly the LNs brought Seed-O on to bowl against this dad, and despite a first ball head high full toss, it was honours even until Roland dismissed the ageing 11 to see us all back in the car park.

Once again a fun game, played in the right spirit, nice weather too. My long term plan has been to keep playing until all the original LNs are overtaken by arthritis, rheumatism etc so I can come on, abandon my Zimmer frame and be on the winning side. However, as they are all at least 15 years younger than me, and I already need the slips to help me up when I fall over, there is probably a flaw in this plan.

After the game, Mike, who does their organising, and I had a nice chat about two things:

1. the excellent donuts and

2. how, traditionally, natural language semantics and the formalisation of mathematical discourse is carried out in the familiar Zermelo-Fraenkel set theory (ZF). Similarly, the structure of metaphysical space is also standardly thought of in terms of ZF set theory, for example the extensions properties and functions are treated as sets (of individuals, possible worlds etc.). His proposed alternative is Fraenkel-Mostowski set theory (FM), developed in the 1930s. FM set theory allows us to give direct semantics to (unbound) variables, variable binding, and substitution. We show how to use FM techniques help to develop a semantics of arbitrary objects and quantification. He claims this allows for more natural, face-value, interpretation of mathematical and metaphysical discourse. Me, I think the ones with raspberry jam and white icing taste nice than the brown glazed ones

Salix CC versus London Nigerians at Harlington on 09-08-2009(35 Over Game)
Salix CC (batting second)105all outoff31overs Match Lost
London Nigerians197for 7off35overs
NoPlayerScoreHow Out
1.Graham Nannery5Bowled
2.Vikram Bhalla20Caught
3.Connor Chapman1Caught & Bowled
4.Christy Kulasingam6Run Out
5.Will Venning2Bowled
6.Nick Goold36Bowled
7.David Padmore15Run Out
8.Tony Fletcher10Not Out
9.Josh Dixon0Caught
10.Tim Collins1Caught & Bowled
11.Steve Jacobs2Bowled
1.Steve Jacobs7228128.0042.004.00
2.Josh Dixon71270--3.86
3.Nick Goold7036312.0014.005.14
4.Christy Kulasingam6034217.0018.005.67
5.David Padmore40250--6.25
6.Connor Chapman4029129.0024.007.25
Graham Nannery2catches
Vikram Bhalla1catch
Connor Chapman1catch
Tim Collins1drop
David Padmore1drop

The Willster. Out for 2 and a shattered edge

Seed-O. Outstanding for the oppos

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Steve-O left the following remarks on 10th August 2009

I've never hit a 6 for anyone the truth be known!

Seed-O left the following remarks on 10th August 2009

Steve-O said after the match that he was going hard on me, which is why I didn't get him out. And I am pretty sure that the hook shot is not a common shot coming from Steve-O, since he has never hit a six for Salix and his average 3.23 with the bat...

Steve-O left the following remarks on 10th August 2009

Hi YM, didn't Vikram take a catch off CK1? Please note I was never in danger of being hit by the beamer from Seed-o, in fact I was being nice to him not hooking it onto the Runway at Heathrow...

Yesterdays Man left the following remarks on 10th August 2009

The scorebook is missing a catch, off either CK1 or the Tassie Tornado. Will the owner please stand up, please stand up.

Seed-O (Seed of Steve-O) left the following remarks on 10th August 2009

I was sad not to get Steve-O out, but I nearly got Tony and nearly ripped Dad's head off with a beamer. YAY!