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Season Finale: vs Blenheim Park CC 20 Sep 2009 (Season: 2009)
Report by: VCGC (soon to be CGC)

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The Palace
Despite it being the end of an era after last week's final game at Glaxo, it was not yet the end of the season, with our now annual trip to Blenheim Palace in mid-September. Luckily, the weather was far better than it has been recently, so the day was ideally set up to give the visiting tourists a cricketing master class...

Going against his supposed habit of a lifetime, VCGC opted to bat after winning the toss, on what looked a traditional "Blenheim wicket". Chopper in his now usual opening position set about the bowling with his usual fervour, looking so solid, nobody even cheered when he did his one forward defensive shot of the innings. His lack of interest in running helped by a short boundary on one side and the usual super smooth outfield. Rarely for a Salix opening partnership, both batsman were going for their shots, and succeeding! Vik was particularly vicious on anything over pitched, flicking of his legs with style and launching two big sixes. Unfortunately, the hunger to score big off the slow bowlers did for both Chopper and Vik, both bowled.

This bought Monkey and Texas to the crease, with contrasting styles. Monkey, circumspect, whilst Texas was lightning (racing to 40 off 20 deliveries), pulling powerfully and driving sumptuously, before chipping a catch to mid off. CK1 and Monkey continuing accumulating more slowly but certainly surely.

However, it couldn't be a Salix game without a collapse. CK was bowled by a good one, after that it was more of a horror show. VCGC, Les and Jesus "surviving" 6 balls between them for no runs. It all ended with a bit of a damp squib, with Monkey being unfortunately bowled on 49. This made the decision to declare on a very respectable 195-8 at Tea very straightforward.

Jesus and Texas opened up with a really tight spell. Texas bowling one of the openers with his superbly disguised slower ball. Steve-o and VCGC kept the runs down at first change and VCGC got some luck with his leg stump line, bowling the other opener before, two balls later, the No. 3 chipped to CK1 in the covers. After another bowling change with Chazza and Les coming on, wickets tumbled. The straight lines and full lengths bowled continued to trouble the batsman with 5 wickets falling for 20 runs. Both Chazza and Les bowled exceptionally well, the wicket-to-wicket lines of Chazza and the flight of Les proving very difficult to get away.

However, time was running out due to some determined batting by the Blenheim tail. Despite VCGC's best attempts at not bowling CK1 he had to give him a go and he got one to spit and lift with Texas taking a catch behind the stumps. At the other end VCGC could not get out a very talented and determined 13 year old, who batted very well to force the draw, with Blenheim teetering on 74-9.

Still a very enjoyable game and a good way for Salix to keep up their end of season improvement, which has seen scores of 215, 192, 224 and 195 in our last four innings, as well as two good run chases after tight bowling performances.

Salix CC versus Blenheim Park CC at Blenheim Palace on 20-09-2009(Timed Game)
Salix CC (batting first)195for 8off36overs decMatch Drawn
Blenheim Park CC74for 9off36overs
NoPlayerScoreHow Out
1.Mark Rickman37Bowled
2.Vikram Bhalla32Bowled
3.Charlie Clews49Bowled
4.Kunwar Singh40Caught
5.Christy Kulasingam20Bowled
6.Stuart Lumsden0Bowled
7.Kunal Dutta0Caught
8.Alastair Davidson0Bowled
9.Charlie Hewitt4Not Out
10.Tim Collins1Not Out
11.Steve Jacobs0Did Not Bat
1.Alastair Davidson5190--1.80
2.Kunwar Singh6211111.0036.001.83
3.Steve Jacobs51100--2.00
4.Stuart Lumsden74824.0021.001.14
5.Charlie Hewitt501334.3310.002.60
6.Kunal Dutta42522.5012.001.25
7.Christy Kulasingam42818.0024.002.00
Christy Kulasingam2catches
Kunwar Singh1catch
Vikram Bhalla1drop
Kunal Dutta1drop
Kunwar Singh1drop

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Fungie left the following remarks on 23rd September 2009

Touche - I'm a lady.

Yesterdays Man left the following remarks on 22nd September 2009

Maidens are for the laydeez amongst us. I do wickets. There is little to compare with feeling you get when a class batsman metaphorically immolates himself on my 20 mph fast ball.

Fungie left the following remarks on 22nd September 2009

With apologies to Fletch, "interestingly", there were as many maidens bowled by Salix bowlers in this game, as Fletch as bowled in his entire Salix career. How long before this comment is removed or I get some abuse?

Fungie left the following remarks on 22nd September 2009

I love a numerical trend. An interesting statistic is that this is the second time in three games that we've had three people getting ducks after facing only six deliveries. Sadly, I've been involved twice.

ck1 left the following remarks on 22nd September 2009

I don't remember the last time our top order performed like that. Excellent trend spotted by Fungie / Fun-G on last 4 games. Bring on 2010!