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Its's a record: vs Gentlemens Relish CC 30 May 2010 (Season: 2010)
Report by: Yesterdays Man

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Padders congrats Abdullah on his not out ton
A new fixture for Salix, we were introduced to the Gentlemens Relish by CGC. Or maybe St Annes. After a poxy Bank holiday Saturday it dawned clear and bright, if a touch windy, on the blasted heath that is the QPR training ground. But a superb wicket, with a bit of ping

Whilst CGC and CK1 were swanning it off to play cricket in the land of super sized humans, Salix plus a couple of new chaps assembled under the wisdom and guidance of Herr Padhore. Winning the toss, we had a little bat. However a good opening spell by the Gents saw us in a little bit of strife and the usual talk of "whats our lowest ever score etc" ran round the prostrate players like a nasty dose of the Norwalk virus. But steady hands were on the tiller as our new lads (from Deloittes, natch) took the crease. And within a couple of overs Abdullah had swapped his bat for the meaty new Salix SS and bingo, it was biff, bosh, bash to all corners. I think the scorebook tells it own story as he glided us effortlessly to a huge, record, score ably supported by WeeMan, and the Golfer.

An excellent tea (way better than the minuscule catered teas at Glaxo - I can safely say this now they have knocked it down) saw us ably refreshed and into the field. A storming set from Mr Padhore and Chris saw the openers crumble and whilst Elvis kept his end up, new chap Karan ripped through the middle and late order to see us all in for an early bath.

Truth to tell this game wasn't quite as one sided as the score book makes it look, several outstanding performances from our lads were what did it. A pleasant game against some excellent new opponents, gracious to a man and a welcome break from our losing streak. As ever we were magnanimous in victory with Dazzler sending many, many texts to CGC to let him know how much we missed his leadership and captaincy skills and how he should hurry back.

Salix CC versus Gentlemens Relish CC at Harlington on 30-05-2010(35 Over Game)
Salix CC (batting first)305for 7off35overs Match Won
Gentlemens Relish CC66all outoff17.4overs
NoPlayerScoreHow Out
1.Vikram Bhalla15Caught
2.Darren Gavigan0Bowled
3.Abdullah Pandit116Not Out
4.Karan Ghuwalewala16Bowled
5.Ben Shaw8LBW
6.Nat Young41Caught
7.Kunwar Singh63Caught
8.Chris Milton0Bowled
9.David Padmore5Not Out
10.Tony Fletcher0Did Not Bat
11.Mike Ellis0Did Not Bat
1.Chris Milton612137.0012.003.50
2.David Padmore41515.0024.001.25
3.Mike Ellis4.401527.5014.003.21
4.Karan Ghuwalewala21431.334.002.00
5.Tony Fletcher1050--5.00
Mike Ellis1catch
Ben Shaw1catch

The scoreboard

Padders sends a message to CGC

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CGC left the following remarks on 3rd June 2010

Good all round job lads - I'm happy for Padders to take over if he feels so strongly about it...