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Our winning streak continues: vs Hetairoi CC 06 Jun 2010 (Season: 2010)
Report by: Yesterdays Man

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A hetaroi
And as our lads returned from the land of the Supersized to take their rightful places, so England were thrashing Bangladesh and the team was immeasurably strengthened as Tricky and Weeman dropped out to be replaced by yours truly and the Smutmeister. Heavy thundershowers were forecast but held off exactly until the last ball was bowled

CGC had offered to resign given Mr Padhore had steered us to a record victory last week in his absence, but we did not accept this generous offer. Oh no. Instead we all refused to open and thus our intrepid travellers went out to do the business. CGC in particular was looking at a ton until Ex Captain Ben ran him out. This was no accident as Ex CB also ran out the Golfer a little later. But I digress. A set of steady performances (exuding the Dazzler whose miserable run continues) steered us to a good looking 200 odd at tea. A fast outfield, a bouncy wicket. Could it be enough? (Ed - yes)

And so we opened with a wicket second ball as their opener drove Mr Padhore straight down the Elderly Man's throat at mid off and wickets then continued to fall apace. The Dazzlers miserable run then got even worse as he dropped two tricky ones in the slips (he will complain about this I am sure). Some noticeably incompetent fielding from the Chopper also livened up matters. But the oppos late middle order hit back towards the later part of their innings, but it was not enough and a mix up saw them indeed run out (by yes, the Elderly man again). And as CGC bowled their 11 year old number 11 with a rather quick one in the gloom (who says he is competitive) a good natured game came to a close as the thunderclouds stormed in.

Noticeable events : the double for CK1 - 100 wickets, 1000 runs for Salix. He's a winner and only he second player to do this. And he did it in half the time

Salix CC versus Hetairoi CC at Harlington on 06-06-2010(35 Over Game)
Salix CC (batting first)227for 8off35overs Match Won
Hetairoi CC148all outoff34.1overs
NoPlayerScoreHow Out
1.Stuart Lumsden60Run Out
2.Christy Kulasingam15Bowled
3.Mark Rickman1Bowled
4.Darren Gavigan0Caught
5.Ben Shaw57Bowled
6.David Padmore3Bowled
7.Kunwar Singh22Run Out
8.Mike Ellis13Caught
9.Mark Jolly22Not Out
10.Tony Fletcher1Not Out
11.Tim Collins0Did Not Bat
1.David Padmore5017117.0030.003.40
2.Kunwar Singh5018118.0030.003.60
3.Mike Ellis7026213.0021.003.71
4.Mark Jolly6034217.0018.005.67
5.Christy Kulasingam6124212.0018.004.00
6.Stuart Lumsden5.1027127.0031.005.23
Tony Fletcher2catches
Mark Rickman1catch
Ben Shaw1catch
Darren Gavigan2drops
Kunwar Singh1drop

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Bison left the following remarks on 10th June 2010

Dazz, I sympathise mate. All but two of my drops in the are actually for being too fat and lazy to get near it.

Chopper left the following remarks on 8th June 2010

I know my fielding was crap, but surely my stunning running catch in the semi darkness made up for some of it? Apparently not, it must have been cancelled out instead. Fair I suppose!

The Old Direktor left the following remarks on 7th June 2010

I am sure I speak for all of us when i say, bloody hell you took your time, sorry I mean well done, that's one long grind. But you really do need to get a ton...

Ex Capn Ben left the following remarks on 7th June 2010

Can I just note that there was another momentous event yesterday in Salix Club history. While I congratulate CK1 on his hundred wickets and thousands runs, but I have just became the first (ever) Salix player to pass two thousand runs for the club. It has been years of effort and hard graft - 13 seasons and 122 innings to be acccurate (and 15 ducks).

Yesterdays Man left the following remarks on 7th June 2010

Like Mornington Crescent, the rules of catch dropping are complex, ancient, opaque and flexible. Catch avoidance is a key element of catch dropping as is old age and infirmity. Thus not getting close to one is the same as dropping one. However that all said, the final arbiter is mob rule. If enough people shout out then it's a drop even if it isn't. Just ask Steve-O. Appeal therefore disallowed however you can take this to the Ginger one who can overrule :)

dazzler left the following remarks on 7th June 2010

As promised, I am complaining about the award of two drops to me. Neither "chance" actually carried to me so I don't understand why they have been awarded as drops. Surely being given out caught behind to one I didn't touch is enough bad luck for one match!

GC left the following remarks on 7th June 2010

It wasn't that quick. It barely knocked the bails off... Well played everybody - another good performance batting wise and some tight bowling (apart from me, when I wasn't bowling at children).