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Three on the bounce: vs Quokkas 13 Jun 2010 (Season: 2010)
Report by: CGC

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100w/1000runs. CK1's a winna!
On a pitch that yielded 532 runs in our previous two innings on it, we, somewhat predictably found ourselves at 46 for 5 off the best part of 18 overs. However, this wasn't totally down to our poor batting, with the Quokka's opening bowler bowling one of the best opening spells we are likely to face all season (after 4 overs he had 1 for 1). Dom, the Wee man, and Andy (needs a nickname, suggestions?) leaving and blocking an array of sharply lifting deliveries and playing a lot better than their scores suggest. Bison fell cheaply as well, but to probably the ball of the day and very sharp catch at short leg. The wicket was also playing its part, with a distinctly two-paced feel to it. Plenty of lift and bounce for the faster bowlers but the slower ball holding up noticeably, making driving and hooking with any power difficult.

However, after the first set of bowlers had finished up the Salix middle order picked up the run rate, with CG and CK1 sharing a 50-run partnership for the second successive match. Sticky was also looking in fine form until falling to a lifter that held up on him. The difficulty of judging the pace was shown by 8 of the 9 wickets falling to catches with the Quokkas generally fielding well. Rog carried on the scoring before being ran out to a direct hit. This left Elvis and Steve-o to hit some quick runs and even comfortably run a 2... So a good showing by the lower middle order and tail pulled us up to 163-9.

So to the bowling, CK1 and Steve-o opened up with a spell as tight as the Quokka's bowling, both getting bounce at a fair pace. CK1, in particular, was bowling with hostility. Steve got the break through with the first bowled of the game, a ball of ideal length leaving the batsman in two minds and the stumps shattered. CK1 finished his seven overs wicket less but like the Salix top order, the figures belie the performance. Elvis and CG kept up the pressure and snapped up four wickets (a couple down to good catches by Dave-ski and Steve) quite quickly. However, the Quokkas, led by their captain, were chipping away at the total with some clean hitting. Cometh the hour, cometh the Wee man. Despite, in his own words being 'hanging' (in my words, he smelt like paint stripper). His first over was one of the best 'looseners' I've seen. The first five balls wrapping in to Sticky's gloves at pace and with steepling bounce. The final ball was slower and on the stumps, foxing the batsman and cleaning him up. Rog was also bowling well, forming a wicket taking combo with Bison in the slips/gully (his bulk means he can cover two fielding positions concomitantly). The Wee man kept up his aggression and bowled superbly to close out the game. A special mention must go to the fielding, very few errors, no drops and five catches.

A victory in another tight game against a very enjoyable side to play against.

Salix CC versus Quokkas at Harlington on 13-06-2010(35 Over Game)
Salix CC (batting first)163for 9off35overs Match Won
Quokkas150for 8off35overs
NoPlayerScoreHow Out
1.Dominic Spillane1Caught
2.Dave Henig2Caught
3.Andy Salisbury4Caught
4.Nat Young7Caught
5.Mark Dyson4Caught
6.Vikram Bhalla23Caught
7.Stuart Lumsden37Caught
8.Christy Kulasingam24Caught
9.Roger Heaton20Caught
10.Mike Ellis5Not Out
11.Steve Jacobs2Not Out
1.Christy Kulasingam71220--3.14
2.Steve Jacobs4012112.0024.003.00
3.Stuart Lumsden731628.0021.002.29
4.Mike Ellis6132216.0018.005.33
5.Roger Heaton7041220.5021.005.86
6.Nat Young4114114.0024.003.50
Mark Dyson2catches
Roger Heaton1catch
Dave Henig1catch
Steve Jacobs1catch

Ex Cap'n elvis

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Bison left the following remarks on 16th June 2010

Probably the best bowling I've seen from a Salix side. Well done lads. And probably a record number of attempts to run out a batsman by a keeper. Well done Sticky.

Sticky left the following remarks on 15th June 2010

Get a room you two!!

Steve-o left the following remarks on 15th June 2010

CGC seriously you did me a favour!

CG left the following remarks on 14th June 2010

Sorry Steve - I was thinking about bringing you back but got all conservative as it tightened up and just thought I'd let Rog bowl out.

Steve-O left the following remarks on 14th June 2010

Yesterday I was feeling slightly put out that the captain only got me to bowl 4 overs; today I realise he was saving me from myself... oh it 'urts! Great game, there were moments we actually resembled a cricket team :-)

Sticky left the following remarks on 14th June 2010

One of, if not the best bowling performances of Salix that I've been witness to. Great stuff from Steve-O and CK1 to start with, followed with CGC and Mike and then Nat and Rog... have we ever defended a lower total??