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Whaled!: vs Whalers 25 Jul 2010 (Season: 2010)
Report by: Elvis

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A Whaler (not to scale)
It seems our mini run of success against the Whalers was just that; after a couple of victories on the bounce, we're now back to a familiar pattern of losing ways against them. But it might all have been different: The sage elders of Salix have already decried that 200 is a par score at Sipson Lane and with Steve-O and Padders opening the bowling and keeping it tight, we restricted their openers to well under a hundred by the half way drinks breaks, albeit for the loss of only one wicket, a remarkably casually taken caught and bowled by Padders. Unfortunately, we then took our foot a little off the brake and Whalers scored proficiently, notably running well between the wickets and lofting a number of fours over the in-field. It didn't help that we had one of those days where everything that was skied seemed to fall just out of finger tip reach and we were without regular keeper ex-Capn Ben who didn't realise he was supposed to be playing; big up to Dave-Ski and then Chopper for taking over keeping duties and only letting a combined total of 8 byes go past. CGC picked up a flurry of late wickets, but by then Whalers had made 190; a respectable score and more than our earlier hard work should have permitted.

With our batting line-up we should have made a closer game of it, but we lost Chopper early on to a run-out to which he was grateful he was to blame so horrendous was it and our top order left handers were kept pinned down by some excellent line and length bowling from Whalers' opener. Weeman never looked confident and eventually holed out tamely to his cousin (me) at square leg, on as a substitute fielder; he was later heard complaining to his mum on the phone and I have subsequently been told off. CGC and Padders began to make inroads and feasted off Whalers' captain's looping off-spin before the former's eyes lit up at a particularly slow drooping delivery and was clean bowled yorking himself. Thereafter the lower order offered little resistance to the same opening bowler that had kept Karan and CK1 pinned down, his return bringing him his five-for.

Well done (again) to Whalers, although their choice of pub afterwards for a beer left something to be desired. Further research needs to be done to find a quality boozer; the White Hart (turn left at the mini roundabout) looks like it might be reasonable.

Salix CC versus Whalers at Harlington on 25-07-2010(35 Over Game)
Salix CC (batting second)151for 9off30.4overs Match Lost
Whalers190for 6off35overs
NoPlayerScoreHow Out
1.Karan Ghuwalewala13Caught
2.Mark Rickman0Run Out
3.Christy Kulasingam21Caught
4.Nat Young14Caught
5.Stuart Lumsden37Bowled
6.David Padmore34Not Out
7.Mark Jolly0Bowled
8.Mike Ellis0Caught
9.Dave Henig0Caught
10.Steve Jacobs0Caught
11.Person Unknown0Not Out
1.David Padmore7220120.0042.002.86
2.Steve Jacobs61310--5.17
3.Nat Young7026126.0042.003.71
4.Mark Jolly50330--6.60
5.Stuart Lumsden6044314.6712.007.33
6.Mike Ellis4025125.0024.006.25
Karan Ghuwalewala1catch
David Padmore1catch
Karan Ghuwalewala1drop
Nat Young1drop

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yesterdays man left the following remarks on 29th July 2010

Ta Mike

ex Capn Elvis left the following remarks on 29th July 2010

We were all out for 151 off 30.5 overs according to the Whalers' website, which I guess that gives you your extras total.

Daveski left the following remarks on 29th July 2010

We were magnificent. Some of the best catching I've ever seen. In catching practice. Then we found out our keeper didn't think he was playing. Mostly downhill from there.