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Nailbiter win: vs White Swan CC (Southall) 22 Aug 2010 (Season: 2010)
Report by: Elvis

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Dear Capt GC - our 8th game since a win.
A quick perusal of the website reveals that Salix haven't had a losing streak as extended as our recent dip in form since the 2000 season, a fearful time when the world feared a social meltdown caused by Y2K and the Nurdler sometimes batted as low down as 9. Our unfortunate run, seven losses going back to our victory against The Village CC, isn't quite as long as the 10 back then; but the feeling is we have a much better team these days, with good batting and a highly regarded bowling attack. The team doesn't really seem to have clicked in recent matches and there's been a slight sense of lethargy, most notable in our match against Whalers, where we really should have done better. It was therefore pleasing finally to get a win under the belt yesterday and to do so in a close match, where previously in the season, indeed last week, we haven't managed to seal the deal.

Padder's decision to put us into the field after winning the toss was soon vindicated when Rog had one of their openers LBW at the end of his first over and then Matt's mate John, followed up clean bowling the other opener and the number three; however, this only served to bring in Swan's centurion from our match last summer and with their quick run rate there was a suspicion Swans would quickly accumulate. They scored well, helped by a hefty number of dropped catches and some comedy diving over the ball fielding by Chopper, perhaps distracted by the legion of female lacrosse players on the adjacent fields; however, some tight bowling by your correspondent, Padders and Abby Titmus, combined with a much greener outfield than we've seen all year at Sipson Lane, kept the run rate down as the wickets began to fall. Our skipper on the day took two excellent catches in the deep and Arsey, given a rare outing with the ball, finished off Swans' innings, clean bowling their last man first ball.

After a splendid tea featuring quiche, mini sausage rolls and the previously unheard of Penguin Wafers, Salix set out with some confidence to chase down a seemingly achievable target of 148. The Nurdler, having protested during tea, and perhaps eyeing another Penguin Wafer, that it was about time he was dropped back down the order to his 2000 place and having been told in no uncertain terms that the idea of him not opening is anathema to the rest of team, played second fiddle to a Chopper clearly feeling less pressure now that the audience had vanished. As though to prove his point though, the Nurdler eventually retired hurt and Chopper followed a couple of overs later, clean bowled taking a huge swipe in familiar fashion. Abby Titmus looked well set before going LBW and the Dazzler fell to an excellent catch in front of square leg. A mini England style collapse then ensued before Matt and Yesterday's Man steadied the ship and brought us back to a reasonable run rate of only 5 an over. There was a small hiccup when Matt finally succumbed with 6 overs to go, but Yesterday's Man stayed firm and built another partnership with Padders to see us home, albeit via a streaky four slashed behind off the penultimate ball of the match.

All that remained was for every member of the team to inform by text our regular skipper that his losing streak had been brought to an end in his absence. Thanks to Swans who are a great addition to our fixture list, not least because they play in an excellent spirit and bring along a slab of Stella with them, one of which they were kind enough to donate to Arsey, some small luke-warm comfort after another cold day with the bat.

Salix CC versus White Swan CC (Southall) at Harlington on 22-08-2010(35 Over Game)
Salix CC (batting second)149for 6off35overs Match Won
White Swan CC (Southall)147for 9off30.1overs
NoPlayerScoreHow Out
1.Dominic Spillane6Retired Hurt
2.Mark Rickman32Bowled
3.Abdullah Pandit15LBW
4.Darren Gavigan9Caught
5.Matthew Parratt27Caught
6.Adam Darling0LBW
7.John Fleming3Bowled
8.Tony Fletcher14Not Out
9.David Padmore19Not Out
10.Mike Ellis0Did Not Bat
11.Roger Heaton0Did Not Bat
1.Roger Heaton7027213.5021.003.86
2.John Fleming3022211.009.007.33
3.Mike Ellis7134134.0042.004.86
4.David Padmore60160--2.67
5.Abdullah Pandit4021210.5012.005.25
6.Adam Darling3.101226.009.503.79
David Padmore2catches
John Fleming1drop
Tony Fletcher1drop
Darren Gavigan1drop
Roger Heaton1drop
Matthew Parratt1drop
Dominic Spillane1drop

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yesterdays programmer left the following remarks on 24th August 2010

Eagle Eyed Elvis. A well spotted software glitch due to two games with the same team in one season. Fixed now. The site will be out of beta sometime pre 2050.

Elvis left the following remarks on 24th August 2010

I notice that our lovely picture below is now the one in the other Swans match report; what gives?

The Golfer left the following remarks on 24th August 2010

Great to see the team put behind the recent performances and leap (or something like that) to victory. Look forward to a good end to the season. Well done everyone.

Yesterdays Man left the following remarks on 24th August 2010

With a memory like that should be a Professor or something and its true I did my back in 2000. And my teeth. Your wicket has been credited!

Th e Nurdler left the following remarks on 24th August 2010

The 2000 season was the first one I played for Salix so I was moved up and down the order. I also bowled my only spell for the club that season. We were down to eight men and Tony did his back, I think. Checking back I notice that I've ben robbed a wicket in the stats! Ten years on I demand justice and an increase of 50% in my wicket tally.

Padders left the following remarks on 23rd August 2010

Actually to be fair they were all tough chances. Good team effort yesterday I thought. I wear my broken (yes, broken) finger proudly today.

CGC left the following remarks on 23rd August 2010

I'd recognise those paunches anywhere - Tink, Fletch and Tim. Nice of Tink and Tim to come and support... Congrats on the win. Quite a few drops. Any of them sitters?