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The Ginger Cap returns us to winning ways: vs Gents of West London 12 Sep 2010 (Season: 2010)
Report by: Daveski

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A better prospect than our middle order
The familiar run of our September fixtures, Seer Green, Gents of West London, then a final hurrah at Blenheim, have been established for some years. For some of us, let's say our ex-President for example, it heralds an annual hibernation, only broken by the christmas do and a handful of nets undertaken in the somewhat optimistic hope (in my case at least) of improving. But for the select few who each year try to win the much coveted (?) Player of the Year award, it heralds a last chance to impress the judging panel. Thus twice winner CK1 was hot off the blocks, a fine opening spell getting just reward after CGC had lost the toss and our visitors elected to bat. Thereafter wickets fell at a regular pace, CGC, another two time winner, getting two wickets, and Dazzler and yours truly coming on at the death to wipe up the tail. Note should also be made of five missed catches, of which Rog's slow motion belly flop which unsurprisingly failed to deliver him a caught and bowled stood out.

After another great Harlington tea, we had what looked like an achievable target to chase. CK1 and Vik started out in good style (we'll ignore the lack of contribution of the other opener, suffice to say that his 4 year old had accused him only that morning of not being very good at batting, a clearly accurate statement), but their departure set off a middle order collapse that saw us at something like 60-5 from 45-1. Cometh the hour cometh the man who wants to win the prized five quid trophy again, and skip CGC put in a determined bid with a deft 36, ably supported by ex Cap'n Ben. CGC fell before the end though, and it was left to Rog to steer us home with a couple of overs to spare. All in all, a great game of cricket against good opponents in nice weather. The sort of game that makes me look forward to next season.

Salix CC versus Gents of West London at Harlington on 12-09-2010(35 Over Game)
Salix CC (batting second)131for 7off34overs Match Won
Gents of West London130all outoff32.3overs
NoPlayerScoreHow Out
1.Vikram Bhalla22Caught
2.Dave Henig2Caught
3.Christy Kulasingam11Caught
4.Ben Shaw28Not Out
5.Darren Gavigan0Caught
6.Tony Fletcher2Bowled
7.Stuart Lumsden36LBW
8.David Padmore8Bowled
9.Roger Heaton6Not Out
10.Charlie Hewitt0Did Not Bat
1.David Padmore5026126.0030.005.20
2.Christy Kulasingam732638.6714.003.71
3.Roger Heaton7211111.0042.001.57
4.Stuart Lumsden7120210.0021.002.86
5.Charlie Hewitt40290--7.25
6.Dave Henig20818.0012.004.00
7.Darren Gavigan0.30120.501.502.00
Darren Gavigan1catch
Stuart Lumsden1catch
Ben Shaw1catch
Tony Fletcher1drop
Roger Heaton1drop
Christy Kulasingam1drop
Stuart Lumsden1drop
David Padmore1drop


The weathers looking nice...

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dropped left the following remarks on 17th September 2010

on the assumption that the village read our match report from this year's fixture, should we relocate to that page to slag them off? a pint and a pickled egg for the most libellous comment...

Steve-O left the following remarks on 16th September 2010

I've just read the VillageCC match report to read what all the fuss was about and personally I was appalled! Having not played in the game I cannot of course comment on whether any Salix player was guilty of driving arially but I cannot let the slanderous remarks "a good fielding unit" and "their six man bowling attack bowled few bad balls" go unpunished. Court papers will be served shortly!

CGC left the following remarks on 15th September 2010

CK1 informs me that Chaz had a drop on Sunday too...

kate kinsella left the following remarks on 15th September 2010

it's also me in image 18

kate kinsella left the following remarks on 15th September 2010


CGC left the following remarks on 14th September 2010

http://www.wendyhurrell.com/gallery.php Check out image 9. Is that Rog in a dress with a blonde wig? Inspired idea of how to get close to her...

Yesterdays Man left the following remarks on 14th September 2010

We have had a report from New Zealand about aftershocks. We were able to reassure them that it was only the portly frame of MyRing hitting the deck and not further movement of the tectonic plate.

Tricky left the following remarks on 14th September 2010

Dazzla, I read it too, what a shocker!! And I was dinked for mentioning that it was tough batting in fading light against one of our opponents this season.

left the following remarks on 14th September 2010

stinker?! i dived full length in my follow through and just couldn't cling on... you should see the grazes on my elbows and gut

CGC left the following remarks on 14th September 2010

To be fair on the drops, only Rog's was a real stinker. CK's and mine were right out of the sun and Paddo's and Fletch's were both one handed efforts.

dazzla left the following remarks on 14th September 2010

I've just read the match report of the match we played against the village - the one on their site - after yesterday's man mentioned it at the weekend. I am gobsmacked. What a bunch of complete ****s. Were they playing in a different match?

i love wendy hurrell left the following remarks on 13th September 2010

definitely a warm front coming with scattered showers later etc

The Golfer left the following remarks on 13th September 2010

Great news! Seems like we bowled really well and manage to make it past the line with the batting as well. One thing i didnt understand -- we restricted them to 130 despite 5 drops!!

CGC left the following remarks on 13th September 2010

For the people who came home in the volvo, my phone hung with a picture of Wendy Hurrell the screen. I'm sure Rog would have been less annoyed than me.