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Our first win: vs Blenheim Park CC 19 Sep 2010 (Season: 2010)
Report by: Elvis

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The Lads
And so to the end of the season, CGC's first without the V prefix, and an up and down one at that. After a successful tour and a good early season run, we had a terrible run in the middle, but have rebounded well to win most of our remaining games, including finally eeking out a victory in the stunning surrounds of Blenheim Park. It didn't look that way to begin with: the newly monikered Dougal (formerly Chopper) chipped tamely to mid-on at the end of the first over and the also newly monikered Young Spillane (nee Dazzler) followed shortly after LBW for not much, leaving us 8 for 2. The Wee-man (no name change - yet) looked like he might steady the ship with a beautiful pull shot for four, but then he too departed leaving us at 12-3 and the sages of Salix started muttering words like "57", "lowest score" and "do you think the opposition will give us a second innings". The captain, however, had been there throughout and with his vice captain began to build a steady innings and took us within reach of the 100 mark. CGC eventually fell for a decent 38, but Padders continued onto his 50, supported this time ably by an Arsey finding some touch after a tough summer with that bat. After Padders holed out the ball after making his half ton, Arsey continued on with the Golfer playing some good attacking cricket that took Salix to the highest score on the ground this summer. The tail didn't wag, but with a slow outfield, 174 seemed a reasonable score, especially after such an inauspicious start.

After an excellent tea that featured bbq chicken legs and hob nob flapjacks, the lads looked sharp in fielding practice. I made the mistake of reminding everyone that I hadn't dropped a catch all year, so there was perhaps some inevitability to me spooning a relatively easy opportunity at first slip during Steve-O's second over. I made amends during his following one to snaffle one of the openers and there after the wickets began to fall with some regularity. After a shaky first over, the Golfer got his length spot on and removed their other opener, who'd caused us a lot of trouble in previous years, with an unplayable delivery that pitched outside off and seamed back in late to remove off stump. They picked up a few more wickets between them before Rog and Wee-man got in on the act and it was left to me to mop up the tail. There were a few comedy moments along the way: Arsey did all the hard work to get under a twirling skier to then drop the ball when it would have been easier to swallow it; and Chopper earned himself a new nickname of Dougal (of Father Ted fame) for having some problems dealing with perspective and distance, something for which those of us who might be visiting him in a professional capacity should perhaps be concerned.

Afterwards we headed to the Kings Arms in Woodstock for a pint or two and some bowls of chips kindly provided by the opposition, who were as good humoured and affable in defeat as they had been in victory. Thanks to them for another good game and the opportunity to play in such a remarkable location. Well done to our team on the day, who rebounded well in adversity with the batting and bowled as effectively as a unit as I've seen. Roll on the Christmas dinner and the tour to Hungary.

Salix CC versus Blenheim Park CC at Blenheim Palace on 19-09-2010(Timed Game)
Salix CC (batting first)174all outoff35overs Match Won
Blenheim Park CC71all outoff27.2overs
NoPlayerScoreHow Out
1.Mark Rickman0Caught
2.Stuart Lumsden38Caught
3.Darren Gavigan4LBW
4.Nat Young5Caught
5.David Padmore50Caught
6.Mike Ellis4Bowled
7.Adam Darling41Bowled
8.Kunwar Singh22LBW
9.Roger Heaton0Bowled
10.Tim Collins1Bowled
11.Steve Jacobs0Not Out
1.Steve Jacobs72832.6714.001.14
2.Kunwar Singh6121210.5018.003.50
3.Roger Heaton4021121.0024.005.25
4.Nat Young611226.0018.002.00
5.Mike Ellis3.21623.0010.001.80
6.Stuart Lumsden1100--0.00
Mike Ellis1catch
Kunwar Singh1catch
Nat Young1catch
Tim Collins1drop
Adam Darling1drop
Mike Ellis1drop
Stuart Lumsden1drop

Not a good start. But gets better

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The Young Spillane left the following remarks on 24th September 2010

It appears that my new nickname has stuck, thanks Rog. I'd like to claim full credit for Chopper's new nickname. This is the clip that inspired it, it's about 40 seconds in. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=25N-4zrk390 And I simply can't help sticking two fingers up in pictures....sorry.

Yesterdays Man left the following remarks on 22nd September 2010

Aha. I've blown the original up, reversed the neg, sharpened the conrast and optimized the RAW parameters and its as clear as day. Two fingers. One elbow.

CGC left the following remarks on 22nd September 2010

We mean the photo at the top, i.e. the one where he hasn't got two fingers visibly sticking up.

Yesterdays Man left the following remarks on 22nd September 2010

er, i took that photo. And I think the two fingers are a secret sign to the bookies as to how any runs he's going to get in that game, so they can spot bet on him. I've seen him hold up one finger too. And quite often none.

Elvis left the following remarks on 22nd September 2010

I think The Young Spillane's probably just hiding the two fingers behind his folded arm; the photographer was from the opposition and even TYS doesn't pick a fight with a whole cricket team, reasoning correctly we were unlikely to back him up. I suspect that future anthropologists will regard him as some sort of missing link between modern man and it's inevitable decline into a primordial state.

CGC left the following remarks on 21st September 2010

A photo without Young Spillane sticking two fingers up. A rarity. Wonder what the anthropologists would make of him.

David Collier left the following remarks on 21st September 2010

Cricketing supremo in unfounded allegations shocker. The players response: "We are looking for an apology. If it does not come we'll look at other options. "Clearly we will seek advice but there are quite strong laws of defamation. "You can't impugn someone's integrity without having proper evidence. "To date I can say that we have received zero evidence of anything having influenced any Salix player."

VC Elvis left the following remarks on 21st September 2010

To be fair, it was taken in the spirit of "we always do one, so let's do another one". Over the years this will provide an interesting historical record of team evolution and ageing against that of the palace. Generations on anthropologists will be grateful.

Steve-O left the following remarks on 21st September 2010

The photo above looked kinda familiar so I checked out the other 4 reports for this fixture and in all but 1 we've snapped ourselves with the palace back drop... we are all but tourists at heart

ex Capn Elvis left the following remarks on 21st September 2010

Should have mentioned in the match report, but to echo CGC's comment, The Young Spillane (TM pending) was excellent with the gloves, probably saving us 10-15 runs in byes and only falling over once.

CGC left the following remarks on 20th September 2010

Arsey's performance is the most out of character, except the fielding of course...

yesterdays man left the following remarks on 20th September 2010

Clearly an excellent performance from the elderly fast bowler to finish the season in style

We played our biggest ever season with 20 competitive games, of which we won exactly 50%, thus it being our second best in the last 11 years. Our Ginger Captain may be proud of this, but the rumors continue to swirl that several players have been "incentivised" to negatively modify their own performances. We have passed details onto the News of the World and are not prepared to name names, but Rog always seems better for the DJs, why are the Golfer and smutmeister always late and correct me if I am wrong, but didn't we used to time Steve-0 with a radar gun rather than calendar?

CGC left the following remarks on 20th September 2010

"Young Spillane" was Rog's idea, btw.

Steve-O left the following remarks on 20th September 2010

What a great game and a great way to end the season and finally we manage to a win against Blenheim and a win in a timed game!

CGC left the following remarks on 20th September 2010

Sorry, catches: Ellis, Young, Singh. Drops: Ellis, Darling, Lumsden, Collins. Well played everybody. Good team performance. Even Arsey scored some runs. Young Spillane kept well. Fixed: Ed