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We're sharp lookers, us: Strollers June 15 2003 (Season: 2003)
Report by: Podge (Captain of the Day)

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Bouyed by the absence of Mike Ellis (the team was, on average, lighter, sartorially more elegant and significantly less ginger) and hampered by the lack of home ground availability Salix took on the Strollers in Old Deer Park, Richmond. Given the location, conditions and the way we lost I feel it's appropriate to hand the commentary of the match to our very own "Old Dear", Granny Salix .....

"Well it was a lovely day dear, was it not? Down in the park, now where was it, ooh it was a lovely place, took me back to my youth. Trees, birds, grass and a lovely big river running nearby. A lot of handsome young gentlemen too, I can tell you. Ooh, and so polite, always fussing over the ladies and making sure that they were comfortable. Now the boys went off to play a game of cricket and jolly smart they were too. Reminded me of the time my Alfred went off to war. He was a bit thinner though .... "It took a while for everybody to appear you know.

Now my boys, that would be Salix you know, had to run around in the field first whilst the nice young gentlemen from the government (isn't that Mr Blair a nice man?) knocked the balls to them with their bats. Mind you, I say knocked the balls to them, but an awful lot seemed to go straight past. They must have been looking at the lovely scenery. Anyway I've been told that there were a few highlights which I will tell you about now.

Young Stephen Jacobs took two for 59 before those lovely boys Neil and Christy took over. Now they were doing a lovely job before a nasty young man on the opposition tried to hit the ball back though poor old Neil. And the language! You should have heard it. "Apparently their score of 233 for 7 was quite high, so I'm told.

However the best efforts of the charming Salix captain Paul (2 wickets), the laid-back Christy (also 2 wickets), plus support from Danny and Matthew ensured my boys had a chance. Lunch, ooh lunch, now let me tell you about the cream cakes .... "...

I've been told to hurry up now. It's just as well it's just the Salix innings to recount. Most of them didn't seem to like staying in the middle for long - must have been something to do with being in the sun too long. And what lovely sun it was too. There was bowling. There were wickets. Ooh and those government boys they did shout a lot. Always jumping, waving and hollering about something they were. Ooh what a racket. But 3 of my boys didn't mind at all. Dr Spillane (who didn't seem to be able to help me with this terrible arthritis I've got - I'm not sure he's a doctor at all) with a rather good 29 and the dashing Christy with a devillish 45 not out. And then young Stephen again with 10 not out, running here and there like a sandboy without a care in the world. Apparently we finished with 143 for 9 after 35 overs.

At least my boys played at a pace I could follow, even if they were miles off the required pace. What a lovely day!"

Salix CC versus Strollers at Old Deer Park on 15-06-2003(35 Over Game)
Salix CC (batting second)143for 9off35overs Match Lost
Strollers223for 7off35overs
NoPlayerScoreHow Out
1.Dominic Spillane29Caught
2.Mark Amselem1Caught
3.Dave Henig4Bowled
4.Matt Swindells8Bowled
5.Christy Kulasingam45Not Out
6.Ollie Carter6Bowled
7.Paul Rogers1Bowled
8.Danny Poynting0Caught
9.Irwin Sarif4Caught
10.Neil Clark0Caught
11.Steve Jacobs10Not Out
1.Steve Jacobs7059229.5021.008.43
2.Neil Clark72220--3.14
3.Christy Kulasingam711929.5021.002.71
4.Matt Swindells3039139.0018.0013.00
5.Paul Rogers7039219.5021.005.57
6.Danny Poynting40450--11.25
Mark Amselem1catch
Christy Kulasingam1catch
Irwin Sarif1catch
Ollie Carter1drop
Neil Clark1drop
Christy Kulasingam1drop
Danny Poynting1drop

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