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Revenged: vs Gentlemens Relish CC 15 May 2011 (Season: 2011)
Report by: SteveOO

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On the day West Ham's fate was finally sealed Salix took on the Gentleman's Relish Amateur CC (GRACC) at Harlington and, like the aforementioned football team, showed early promise only to fade and die after the interval.

Weather-wise this was another classic Harlington - not quite all 4 seasons but at least 3 of them put in an appearance during the afternoon - and so it was that 9 men of Salix took the field (we had 10 but one was running late) with a sub kindly lent to us by the opposition. Steve-O and Swords bowled tightly and after 14 overs GRACC had only made 40 odd for 1. CK1 and Badmo took up the attack, CK1 bowling his 7 overs straight through, picking up 2 wickets (including a very sharp C&B), Badmo came off after 4 overs also having taken 2 wickets. CGC picked up a couple of wickets and then threw the ball to one of 2 debutants ? the yet to be monikered James. His 2 overs helped GR post a competitive total but when Badmo came back and bowled out the tail (giving him a well deserved Pfeiffer) I think it was fair to say Salix ate an optimistic tea.

The scorecard tells the story of the Salix innings - top scorer extras and only one person (James) getting into double figures (however he was batting for a second time as the lowest scorer ? his 3 ball duck out gunning CK1's 6 ball duck). Was this bad batting or good bowling from the opposition? Mainly the latter; whilst they gave away a lot of wides they also put a lot of balls in the right place and were too good for the Salix batters on show.

So the 11 of GRACC will be waking this Monday morning feeling they have well and truly avenged last year's fixture and good on them, they bowled well and play the game in right spirit.

(Ed: SteveO's first match report for the club. Do you think anyone can tell that Steve is a bowler..)

Salix CC versus Gentlemens Relish CC at Harlington on 15-05-2011(35 Over Game)
Salix CC (batting second)87all outoff24overs Match Lost
Gentlemens Relish CC148all outoff35overs
NoPlayerScoreHow Out
1.Dominic Spillane1Bowled
2.Christy Kulasingam0Caught
3.David Padmore9Caught
4.Asanga Fernando8Bowled
5.Stuart Lumsden8LBW
6.Tim Collins4Bowled
7.James Mitchell0Bowled
8.Tony Fletcher1Bowled
9.Andy Foster4Caught
10.Steve Jacobs9Not Out
11.James Mitchell10Caught
1.Steve Jacobs7118118.0042.002.57
2.Andy Foster71220--3.14
3.Christy Kulasingam7025212.5021.003.57
4.David Padmore602354.607.203.83
5.Stuart Lumsden6222211.0018.003.67
6.James Mitchell20280--14.00
Christy Kulasingam2catches
Stuart Lumsden2catches
Tony Fletcher1catch
Tony Fletcher2drops

Hail Badmo the fifer

Heroes of batting

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The Nurdler left the following remarks on 18th May 2011

Well you asked if anyone could say anything good about the batting display on Sunday and that's the best I could come up with.

Steve-O left the following remarks on 18th May 2011

Hey Nurdler I am thrilled that my average has improved and equally thrilled to learn I have my own personal statistician :-)

The Nurdler left the following remarks on 17th May 2011

Steve-O - according to my calculations, your lifetime Salix batting average improved by 11.7% after this match.

Adrian left the following remarks on 17th May 2011

Adrian from GRACC here - please accept my apologies for the scorebook fiasco; I still find it astonishing that people can swing it both ways and late cut for four but don't know how to mark the runs correctly :( Anyway, we'll be having remedial scoring practice in the pub after nets on Wednesday! Thanks for the game; same time next year?

YM left the following remarks on 16th May 2011

Special dispensation I know how much the maiden means to you bowler types. EMAIL me your suggestions as to how my fine keeping helping you do maidens. I have done the CGC ones. Re SteveO's match reporting, mea culpa, but if you force a man with a bus pass to keep bending over, then its not surprising my memory falters

Steve-O left the following remarks on 16th May 2011

CGC what can I say? GRACC are a great bunch but they made a mess of the book (putting byes against the bowlers was the least of their crimes) and it was almost impossible to decipher what had happened during their innings... I will leave it to the wisdom of YM to decide what, if any, changes we should make to the book. As for YM's comments about my report - it isn't my debut (I wrote the Vis tour report) and I don't believe my report was biased against the batsman, if you can find ANYTHING positive to say about that lamentable Salix batting performance I would love to hear it! :-)

CGC left the following remarks on 16th May 2011

I'm setting myself up for abuse here - I bowled two maidens, two wicket maidens in fact. Given the abject performance of my batting, I need something to cheer me up of a Monday morning...