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First win of the season. Yes really...: vs Whalers 24 Jul 2011 (Season: 2011)
Report by: YM

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Abdullah and Karan. Image by Lord Snowdon
Our 12th game in row versus our old pals the Whalers. We have never lost one of our mutual games to rain (although a fair few have been drizzly), and, to be frank, we had barely won a game against them either. I was reminiscing on them thumping us at Dulwich Park ten years where team differences were clear: they like to warm up and have team spirit, tactics Salix abhor preferring instead to hand round the team Nurofen and take a nap.

Amazingly the sky was blue after weeks of rain. England were collapsing at Lords versus India and we were fresh off played 9, lost 9 and without our talismans CGC and Badmo so it was back to the experienced hands of ex Captain Ben. He avoided me strangling him after winning the toss as he put the Whalers into bat. As it turned out, he was correct but I would never admit that.

The Whalers got off to a good start but seemed to get a little bogged down mid innings and some inspired bowling from CK1 and the Wee Man, fresh off his John O'Groats to Lands End cycle ride saw us with a target of 138 at tea.

And this was achieved at a sedate pace and with no real drama to win by 7 wickets and post an end to our losing streak. Prior got a big quick ton at Lords to see England back on track and flurry of SMS messages went to CGC let him know how much we had missed him. I note from Twitter that Young Spillane went home and watched his washing machine until it stopped. If you don't subscribe to Twitter it's an amazing tool that gives you unique insights into the deepest thoughts and feelings of your circle.

Finally ex Capn Ben Jr was rewarded with his first professional match fee of a fiver holiday money for his sterling efforts in the field. Six weeks off and lots of beach cricket to be played.

Thanks again to the Whalers, an excellent bunch of chaps who love their cricket as much as we do and in particular to Al, my compatriot in doing all the organising over the years.

Salix CC versus Whalers at Harlington on 24-07-2011(35 Over Game)
Salix CC (batting second)140for 3off27overs Match Won
Whalers137for 9off31.5overs
NoPlayerScoreHow Out
1.Dave Henig7Bowled
2.Christy Kulasingam38Caught
3.Abdullah Pandit42Caught
4.Karan Ghuwalewala19Not Out
5.Ben Shaw19Not Out
6.Darren Gavigan0Did Not Bat
7.Nat Young0Did Not Bat
8.Tony Fletcher0Did Not Bat
9.Mike Ellis0Did Not Bat
10.Steve Jacobs0Did Not Bat
1.Steve Jacobs51200--4.00
2.Christy Kulasingam7034311.3314.004.86
3.Mike Ellis5.5028214.0017.504.80
4.Nat Young721434.6714.002.00
5.Karan Ghuwalewala7029129.0042.004.14
Mike Ellis1catch
Karan Ghuwalewala1catch
Nat Young1catch
Tony Fletcher1drop
Abdullah Pandit1drop

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GC left the following remarks on 25th July 2011

Ha - no wonder Henig didn't reply when I asked him for a summary. Reminds me of when I caught the German and Elvis when playing for the oppo. Didn't talk much that car journey home.

Ex Cap'n Ben left the following remarks on 25th July 2011

A great team performance. Well done to everyone especially; CK1 (who was on fire), Nat, Abdullah for his batting - which was so controlled, and Karan for getting so much spin and one of the best wickets I have seen. This ball was going for a wide, but on pitching ripped to bowl the batsan around middle and leg. Unbelievable. Finally I have to recognise Daveski's outstanding fielding; he saved numerous fours and took a brilliant catch - shame he was fielding for the opposition and caught CK1. How was the journey home in Steve O's car?!

GC left the following remarks on 25th July 2011

Well played everybody. Good bowling figures there. Looks to have been lots of bowleds/LBWs. Also, no collapse, which is a minor miracle. Not sure where the 9 in a row loss comes from. One on tour (not counting the 10 over games, which we even won 1!) and then 6. Not a great difference, I know, but you've got to take what you can!