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A drizzly win for GC: vs Unavoidables 07 Aug 2011 (Season: 2011)
Report by: YM

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We're a tourist attraction
Another classic English summers day (ie heavy drizzle interspersed with heavy rain, and a lightning storm). At least we played. We were visited by some transatlantic travelers who had come to watch QPR Ladies footie vs their Ladies and we did our best to explain the mysteries of cricket vis a vis the girls game that is baseball. (see photo) and they all graciously appeared interested as we droned dully on and the rain fell.

The Unavoidables are a new team to us. It appears that their skip went to the same minor English public school that produced our Man Rog (give us the child, we'll maketh the man etc.) Rogs dad could ask for his money back I suppose . He welcomed the visitors to our ground with several real snorters that played around their chins and he then subsided, spent, to the deep fine leg boundary never to be seen again. This occurred as GC had won the toss and then put them into bat. Some smart bowling by SteveO, Elvis and the Swords and smart catching by Young Spillane had them in deep trouble at 40-odd for 8 however their tail wagged vigorously and it was only, what I might modestly suggest, was the best slip catch ever seen on that hallowed turf by a proto-pensioner that broke it up and allowed us to get out of the rain for tea.

At tea, CGC brought to our attention that Abdullahs surname is that from which the English word Pundit is derived. I find this to be a great weight off my shoulders as he was a player with NO NICKNAME. Well, he's got one now.

And so to our innings. With a run rate of about 3 per over, it was ok to take it slow. And so Daveski and CK1 occupied the crease for a quite a while, for a run rate of, er, zero, before coming back out of the rain courtesy of some fine swing bowling. And so the Prof and YS stepped out the crease and whacked the lot off with the Prof getting a fine 50. I take credit for this totally as he was using my bat (indeed as he did for his 100 last year). Dazzler knocked off the last couple; hand shakes all round and home for an early bath.

An excellent team the UAs. Very nice chaps and very sporting. We look forward to playing them next year. Perhaps the sun might shine

Salix CC versus Unavoidables at Harlington on 07-08-2011(35 Over Game)
Salix CC (batting second)109for 3off23overs Match Won
Unavoidables108all outoff25overs
NoPlayerScoreHow Out
1.Christy Kulasingam0Bowled
2.Dave Henig1Bowled
3.Abdullah Pandit66Bowled
4.Darren Gavigan26Not Out
5.Stuart Lumsden0Not Out
6.Tony Fletcher0Did Not Bat
7.Mark Jolly0Did Not Bat
8.Mike Ellis0Did Not Bat
9.Roger Heaton0Did Not Bat
10.Andy Foster0Did Not Bat
11.Steve Jacobs0Did Not Bat
1.Steve Jacobs511025.0015.002.00
2.Roger Heaton51140--2.80
3.Andy Foster501635.3310.003.20
4.Mike Ellis40832.678.002.00
5.Mark Jolly30240--8.00
6.Stuart Lumsden3022122.0018.007.33
Darren Gavigan2catches
Tony Fletcher1catch
Mark Jolly1catch
Darren Gavigan1drop

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The Swordsman left the following remarks on 10th August 2011

Besides the fact that at my age I have to lie down for two days after a match, this Vesuvial Plethera of stats is making want to lie down too.

YM left the following remarks on 9th August 2011

whoops, my bad. I have corrected the tables below and instructed the peons to destroy the plaster statue of CGC and replace it with one of the German

CGC left the following remarks on 9th August 2011

Err - my magnet score is 0.59...

ex Capn PC left the following remarks on 8th August 2011

I think we need a db of gibbing out of catches, which would put rather a different complexion on things.

YM left the following remarks on 8th August 2011

I suppose your ball magnet rating times your catch ratio = your fielding prowess status, so here they are

Stu, 38 (the old version mistakenly said 61..)
The German 48
Elvis 31
Padders 30
Me, 26
Nurdler 17
Steve 14
Rog 11

I have ordered a plaster statue of CGC that we can all venerate. If anyone wants to mash up the stats to produce more spurious data I can send a monstrous spreadsheet…

Worst Catcher TM left the following remarks on 8th August 2011

my stats may be slightly skewed by the number of penalty "drops" i have been awarded for general ineptitude...

Virtually homeless left the following remarks on 8th August 2011

Sorry, I meant worst catcher.

Virtually homeless left the following remarks on 8th August 2011

So does this mean Rog is the worst fielder in the club? Surely not....?

YM left the following remarks on 8th August 2011

I've been looking at the catch stats. I think there's some interesting stuff in there behind the stats. So, keeping, well it's Ben – straight forward (72%, 88c/35d).   We can't compare this as no one else exclusively keeps. So now to looking at catch rates and chances per game, we get a ball magnet score – ie how likely they are to get a chance (and of course hold it)

Stu, 64% catch rate (30c/17d,) Mainly infield 47 chances in 80 games. Magnet score 0.59  
corrected! ========
The German 63% catch rate  (34c 20d), Mainly infield 54 chances in 70 games Magnet score 0.77
Padders 57% catch rate (17c 13d), Mainly infield 30 chances in 56 games Magnet score 0.53
Me, 54% catch rate (61c 52d).  Half slips, half infield. 113 chances in 230 games Magnet score 0.49
Elvis 53% catch rate (28c 25d) Mainly infield. 53 chances in 90 games Magnet score 0.58
Steve 40% catch rate (21c31d) Mainly outfield 52 chances in 151 games  Magnet score 0.34
Nurdler 40% catch rate (22c33d) Mainly infield. 55 chances in 128 games  Magnet score 0.43
Rog 35% (6c,11d) Mainly outfield –being 17 chances in 56 games,  Magnet score 0.30

So what does this tell us. Well, if you don’t want the oppo to hit somewhere put Rog or Steve there. CGC is the ultimate ball magnet. Badmo has good hands but needs his magnetism realigning. And comparing Me to Elvis shows us that edges are rarer than we might  think.  OK I need a lie down.