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Run chase too far: vs Fawe Park CC 14 Aug 2011 (Season: 2011)
Report by: YM

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the scribes
Our second game versus the excellent lads of Fawe Park CC. In 2010 it was nailibiter - they won with a wicket to spare. This year, similar, but this time a huge run fest. Winning the toss, Badmo put them into bat as CGC was late, suffering from a gnat bite on his leg or some similar nasty ailment, curable only ingesting large quantities of Sainsburys cookies. SteveO opened with a snorter of a ball the came back off the seam and took out an off stump. But truly that was the one thing the benign wicket did all day. I don't have their part of the score book, but a 50 and a ton, both pretty chance less and some big hitting saw tea taken with a massive 233 to get. CK1 and SteveO the pick of our bowling, with the Professor having a day to forget. Big up to Badmo for a direct hit run out from nearly the boundary though

After the usual excellent tea we set off chasing nearly 7 an over and pretty much kept it up till the last couple. Big thwacking from the Professor and Ex Capn Ben laid the ground work but as the run rate crept up to 8-9 an over it started to get on top of us and in last over with 13 needed it couldn't be done and it was handshakes all round.

An excellent game played in an excellent spirit and pretty much evens till the end. You can't ask much more from sport than this.

Salix CC versus Fawe Park CC at Harlington on 14-08-2011(35 Over Game)
Salix CC (batting second)222for 6off35overs Match Lost
Fawe Park CC233for 5off35overs
NoPlayerScoreHow Out
1.Abdullah Pandit87Run Out
2.Stuart Lumsden19Caught
3.Ben Shaw68Caught
4.Christy Kulasingam22LBW
5.Darren Gavigan0Caught
6.David Padmore13Run Out
7.Tony Fletcher1Not Out
8.Tim Collins1Not Out
9.Andy Foster0Did Not Bat
10.Steve Jacobs0Did Not Bat
11.Dominic Spillane0Did Not Bat
1.Steve Jacobs6133216.5018.005.50
2.David Padmore71400--5.71
3.Andy Foster60430--7.17
4.Christy Kulasingam7124124.0042.003.43
5.Stuart Lumsden7044144.0042.006.29
6.Abdullah Pandit20410--20.50
David Padmore1catch
Abdullah Pandit1catch
Andy Foster1drop

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