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Any synonym for obliterated: vs AJ Sports 21 Aug 2011 (Season: 2011)
Report by: YM

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Rather than dwelling on the game, which saw us totally obliterated by a very nice bunch of chaps from AJ Sports, I'll concentrate more on the firsts of this game. Well first off, White Swans pulled out with just days to go, and Badmo used this website (http://www.thefixturelist.org.uk) to find an opponent, and indeed this worked - we had cricket!

One of the AJs got an 80/90 something and he hit a lovely paddle sweep as part of this - first time I have ever seen this in a Salix game. Later, during our innings, the ball hit the keepers helmet and I was able to signal the 5 penalty runs. Another first.

Sadly of course our performance on the pitch did not contain any firsts at all, being the usual mixture of getting whacked around, a bit of botched fielding and of course a few ducks, run outs and a fair few Suresh Raina like 25 balls for not much.

But I am saving the best till last. Steve0 clearly had wood as Badmo brought along his new iPad with the nxCricket iOS application. Yes that's right. eScoring. The team clustered round to see this new electronic marvel in action. Its clearly the Devils handiwork of course as it generates wagon wheels (many of them empty this game..) and lights up and everything. In the darkened scorebox, it was touch and go which was the loudest, the baby swallows nesting in the eaves, calling for their mum, or Steve0s murmurs of delight as he pressed and stroked his way to game completion, leaving it only for the barest seconds to be be run out by the Smutmeister.

Thanks to the AJ guys, a very friendly bunch, iPadmore for his new kit and of course Wendy Hurrell for once making the sun shine, well a little bit anyhow

Salix CC versus AJ Sports at Harlington on 21-08-2011(35 Over Game)
Salix CC (batting second)145all outoff30overs Match Lost
AJ Sports219for 9off35overs
NoPlayerScoreHow Out
1.Abdullah Pandit6Caught
2.Tony Fletcher4Bowled
3.Dave Henig4Bowled
4.Christy Kulasingam16Caught & Bowled
5.Darren Gavigan25LBW
6.Karan Ghuwalewala8Caught
7.David Padmore35Caught & Bowled
8.Mark Jolly0Bowled
9.Andy Foster8Bowled
10.Tim Collins9Not Out
11.Steve Jacobs0Run Out
1.Steve Jacobs6042221.0018.007.00
2.Christy Kulasingam70210--3.00
3.Andy Foster50310--6.20
4.Karan Ghuwalewala7046223.0021.006.57
5.David Padmore7045411.2510.506.43
6.Mark Jolly30410--13.67
David Padmore2catches
Darren Gavigan1catch
Steve Jacobs1catch
Steve Jacobs1drop
Abdullah Pandit1drop

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Spillane Junior left the following remarks on 23rd August 2011

Thank you Guv

ym left the following remarks on 22nd August 2011

Duly done. It's not marked in our offical scorer Steve0's version of the game, but it's in their book. Maybe his battery was flat

Spillane Junior left the following remarks on 22nd August 2011

Can I have my catch added please? Their skipper, off iPadmore's slower ball. Thank you kindly.