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Too close for comfort: vs Drovers CC 13 May 2012 (Season: 2012)
Report by: Yesterdays Man

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Swordsman looks for his mojo
Batting 10, five balls left, two runs to win, the Swordsman was called to the crease. "Squeaky bum there?" called the scorer encouragingly as Captain GC buried his face in his hands. Swing and miss. Gloom descended. Then swing and a hit! Two runs as we were victorious. Well I say we, but I was not. Let's back up..

It had been raining for weeks prior to this game, the grass was lush and long and it was a classic early season wicket: as benign as an episode of Antiques Roadshow. The Drovers were terribly short, in fact 5 at the start, so I played for them and young Ollie for Salix. Pretty good bowling from Salix saw the score edge along only gently: only 42 at drinks and indeed just 88 by 27. However a quick flurry of wickets saw me and the Drovers Captain put on a fast paced 50 in only 7 overs (him 54, me 36) before the tail collapsed and it was 130 at tea.

This should not really be a defendable score but Salix did their best. Aided by no less than 42 extras and a flurry by Padders and latterly the Jolly man, we crept agonisingly towards the final denouement.

Not a great game skill-wise, but played in a very friendly manner and ultimately very close.Interestingly, the same game last year also went to the wire!

Also big thanks to Ollie for stepping in, Izzie and Lottie for helping with the scoring and to our new guy from the interweb, Payts, who nearly took my fingers off with a misplaced throw. He'll fit right in!

Salix CC versus Drovers CC at Harlington on 13-05-2012(35 Over Game)
Salix CC (batting second)131for 8off35overs Match Won
Drovers CC130for 8off35overs
NoPlayerScoreHow Out
1.Ben Shaw7Bowled
2.Darren Gavigan12Bowled
3.Christy Kulasingam18Caught
4.David Padmore32Run Out
5.Tim Collins0Run Out
6.Stuart Lumsden1Caught
7.Matt Payton6Caught & Bowled
8.Mark Jolly10Caught
9.Dominic Spillane2Not Out
10.Andy Foster2Not Out
11.Oliver Shaw0Did Not Bat
1.Andy Foster50210--4.20
2.Christy Kulasingam71919.0042.001.29
3.David Padmore7120120.0042.002.86
4.Stuart Lumsden711434.6714.002.00
5.Matt Payton4021121.0024.005.25
6.Mark Jolly5032132.0030.006.40
Christy Kulasingam1catch
Stuart Lumsden1catch
Darren Gavigan1drop
Christy Kulasingam1drop

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Steve-O left the following remarks on 14th May 2012

I assume the Extras fella was a ringer?

TYS left the following remarks on 14th May 2012

So is "Payts" an official nickname for Matt? Or can we invent something else?

CGC left the following remarks on 14th May 2012

Well played Matt on his debut, and well done Dom, Mark and Swords for the calm heads at the end.