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Hot stuff: vs Islip 27 May 2012 (Season: 2012)
Report by: YM

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It's really been quite a few years since we beat Islip. I was a boy then. But on the long hot day that is the British summer we did indeed win this year. The start was not promising as the Badmo and ex Captain Ben rapidly ended up at the same end and then Ex Cap'n Ben ended up in the changing room. We were then obliged use advanced Chillax methodologies on him to ensure no windows were broken or caravans damaged. Order was rapidly restored however and our upper order persevered in what was always going to be low scoring game and we crawled fairly steadily to a respectable 146 in the languid heat.

An excellent tea which included a very moist cherry cake was tantamount to a nobbling attempt, however again our bowlers plugged away steadily in the heat. The Chillax method was again considered but rejected after a little mix up by the scorers saw Elvis being allowed 8 overs and CGC only 6, which removed at least 14% of the latter's enjoyment of the afternoon. However as the sun slowly set in whatever place it sets in and despite Islips Mr Henshaw's lovely 4 with his 30 year old bat, we trotted out winners and faced the long drive home down a mercifully clear M40.

A lovely day out, and big up to our hosts and also to Payts senior on his debut, cleverly dropping one off his brothers bowling to ensure his place in Salix folklore at the first attempt.

Finally, it's worth noting that bowling records are coming up: SteveO - our maestro is on 193 and Mr Elvis Ellis on 150, well done! And only 6 behind the now retired Yesterdays Man for all time 2nd. CGC is now also only 6 behind CK1 for fourth place, so all to play for there, too. Records are made to be broken and these surely will this season.

Salix CC versus Islip at Islip on 27-05-2012(35 Over Game)
Salix CC (batting second)146for 8off35overs Match Won
Islip128for 7off35overs
NoPlayerScoreHow Out
1.Ben Shaw4Run Out
2.David Padmore36Caught
3.Tim Payton22Stumped
4.Matt Payton0Caught
5.Stuart Lumsden41Bowled
6.Tony Fletcher3LBW
7.Dominic Spillane17Not Out
8.Andy Foster0Bowled
9.Mike Ellis0Bowled
10.Tim Collins3Not Out
11.Steve Jacobs0Did Not Bat
1.Steve Jacobs60370--6.17
2.David Padmore731427.0021.002.00
3.Mike Ellis811936.3316.002.38
4.Stuart Lumsden6411111.0036.001.83
5.Andy Foster3111111.0018.003.67
6.Matt Payton40150--3.75
7.Tim Payton1016116.006.0016.00
Tim Collins1catch
Steve Jacobs1catch
Stuart Lumsden1catch
Ben Shaw1catch
Tony Fletcher1drop
Andy Foster1drop
Tim Payton1drop
Ben Shaw1drop

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Swordsman left the following remarks on 28th May 2012

Changing the trend of comments from ex captains I would like to congratulate everybody on their performance and commitment during this game. The fielding was excellent. Now to my glorious drop. After the surprising realistation that I had run like a whippet to be in the vacinity of a lofted ball in my local direction, said ball bounced off the end of my finger leaving it at an un-natural angle, slipped through my hands and hit me in the testicles. Despite being off Captain Stuart's bowling he found it in his heart to let me bowl 3 overs one of them being a wicket maiden. Hopefully this comment will see another inclusion into the SalixCC cricketing injuries Hall of Fame. For my finger that is.

Ex Capn Elvis left the following remarks on 28th May 2012


Captain Angry left the following remarks on 28th May 2012

Well played everybody, ground fielding and bowling were very good and a spirited batting fight back, with great running from Dom at the end, to post a reasonable total after tight bowling from Islip at the start. Well bowled too by Matt and Swords at the end in the face of some aggressive hitting. Always being one to blow my own trumpet, I think my catch deserves a mention but, as against the Drovers, there's no mention. Oh for the days of a Kunal Dutta match report...