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Now a bi-annual reaming: vs Fawe Park CC 12 Aug 2012 (Season: 2012)
Report by: YM

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Why is this player covering his face (see below)
Normally our Captain commences a game with one major fear: will I be piloting this raggle taggle bunch to our lowest score ever. Against Fawe Park recently however, a new worry has emerged: will I be piloting us to our worst whacking ever. On a pitch that offered as much to the bowlers as a Katie Price novel offers to fans of Kierkegaard, this looked a real possibility. Shelling 5 catches early on (one or two hard, a couple of sitters) did not help and the score crept upwards inexorably. The bowlers did their best against some really excellent batting and by tea the total, whilst not record breaking, was not far off.

"Get in there and do some pinch hitting" were the Captains words to me and CWrench. If he had said get in there and hurl your wickets away with abandon, we could have followed his orders to the letter. Sadly however it was left to wiser heads to prevail and the middle order did what we couldn't. Highlight perhaps were a scuttling knock from the Nurdler, running between wickets like a rabid guinea pig and a big old hoicky knock from our seldom seen spinner whose stately prowess between wickets was thing, if not of beauty, but of grit.

Enough then to avoid the worlds most massive defeat and a nice game played in a great spirit. Big props there to the Fawe Park chap who had his fingernail removed by a whizzer and the Swordsmans first aid that returned him to battle immediately and in fact to the whole team who made for an entertaining afternoon.

Which, if I may be allowed a personal comment, was more than could be said for the Olympics closing ceremony. I was just surprised really that Jessie J didn't turn up to bat for us and that George Michael didn't do his new song for us at tea. Oh well, roll on next week, I hear KP is free for a game

Salix CC versus Fawe Park CC at Harlington on 12-08-2012(35 Over Game)
Salix CC (batting second)159for 9off34overs Match Lost
Fawe Park CC273for 7off35overs
NoPlayerScoreHow Out
1.Matt Payton1Caught
2.Tony Fletcher1Run Out
3.Christy Kulasingam23Caught
4.Darren Gavigan11Bowled
5.David Padmore12Caught
6.Dominic Spillane28Bowled
7.Mike Ellis60Caught & Bowled
8.Andy Foster1Bowled
9.Kunal Dutta5Caught
10.Steve Jacobs1Not Out
1.Steve Jacobs50370--7.40
2.David Padmore7051317.0014.007.29
3.Mike Ellis7065165.0042.009.29
4.Andy Foster7038138.0042.005.43
5.Kunal Dutta20330--16.50
6.Christy Kulasingam7054318.0014.007.71
Matt Payton2catches
Mike Ellis1catch
Tony Fletcher1catch
Darren Gavigan1catch
Christy Kulasingam2drops
Kunal Dutta1drop
Tony Fletcher1drop
Darren Gavigan1drop
Dominic Spillane1drop

A player gets prepared

Another for our injuries page

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Elvis has left the building left the following remarks on 16th August 2012

My highest score for the club noted as a "big old hoicky knock". Sigh.