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A big Hammer: London Nigerians 13 July (Season: 2003)
Report by: Your overseas correspondent

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The fateful day dawned bright and as hot as the inside of sumo wrestlers jock strap after a 3 hour bout. How many ex Nigerian International cricketers would play this year (see below). Would Mackay whack us over the pavilion and damage a car or two? would Salix get their lowest ever score (previous best 53 versus the London Nigerians). As the teams trickled in a little late they kindly let us field fist. Well, it's only fair. We repaid them by bowling an over rate that was slower than a tortoise attached by a bungee to a lamp post. But I digress.

Actually Chris K and Steve-O got the bowling off to not a bad start and then Mr Mason came on tidily from the A40 end and it was going OK. Then yours truly came on to bowl his version of the wrong-un. By which I mean "the very slow-un" And then the LNs were 53 for 3. and it looked OK as Mr Mackay strode the wicket. And he prodded a couple and then yours truly bowled the best ball ever, it cut back quite sharply and had just enough legs to shake the stumps and the bails fell. Cue joyous applause. and the Overs continued and in my spell of 5 overs we dropped no less than 4 catches. And it was the turning point. You got to hold 'em to win. And Roland hit a belting 80 and Sam a good 57 and suddenly tea loomed upon us. Only 283 to get.

And so following tea, in the gathering gloom we trudged out to meet our nemesis. And their openers bowled lean and mean and our wickets fell like cherries from a cherry tree caught in a howling gale. And it wasn't till Martin Nieri bestrode the wicket like a colossus and hit a great 72 that we got somewhere back near a decent score. and with 6 overs to go we only needed 150 to win. Irwin gave it go but the tail enders collapsed like empty plastic bags around him until he was the only one left. and according the rules of cricket that means the end of the game

So another fine match versus our old enemies, beautiful weather, a flat pitch and rather nice tea too. Mike Harte might have had to leave early to see the James Brown concert. but me, I wouldn't have missed a minute. Until next year. Oh yes, the answer is 4. At least.

Salix CC versus London Nigerians at Glaxo on 13-07-2003(40 Over Game)
Salix CC (batting second)175all outoff39.5overs Match Lost
London Nigerians283for 7off40overs
NoPlayerScoreHow Out
1.Dominic Spillane14LBW
2.Matt Swindells0Caught
3.Paul Mason14Caught
4.Martin Nieri72Bowled
5.Graham Nannery0Bowled
6.Ollie Carter5Caught
7.Ben Shaw11Caught & Bowled
8.Christy Kulasingam8Caught
9.Irwin Sarif14Not Out
10.Tony Fletcher1Bowled
11.Steve Jacobs0Bowled
1.Steve Jacobs8139219.5024.004.88
2.Christy Kulasingam8044144.0048.005.50
3.Paul Mason50240--4.80
4.Tony Fletcher8048316.0016.006.00
5.Martin Nieri70540--7.71
6.Matt Swindells4048148.0024.0012.00
Martin Nieri1catch
Dominic Spillane1catch
Matt Swindells1catch
Christy Kulasingam3drops
Paul Mason1drop
Graham Nannery1drop

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