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….and now, a little earlier than expected*.: vs Drovers CC 12 May 2013 (Season: 2013)
Report by: The Nurdler

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Celebrating EXCGC's wonder catch
Please accept my apologies in advance for the drop in standard of the reportage from the previous week's zenith. The match itself will have to provide compensation for this inadequate literary effort.

In a throwback to last season's conditions, any lingering traces of blue had disappeared from the sky well before the toss had been lost and we had been inserted by the opposition. The first few overs were slow as the batsmen adjusted to the funereal pace of the wicket. The skipper took several blows to the body having completed attempted pulls several aeons too early. Once eyes were in, Padders and Shaw Snr played nicely to send the run rate soaring towards 7 an over and things were looking good despite Ben's dismissal until an excellent diving catch in the outfield did for the skipper just after he passed 50. Alas 100 for 2 became 117 for 7 thanks to a series of tragic strokes. (TYS got a nasty one but I don't think anyone else would argue that they weren't complicit in their downfall.) It was left to Elvis and Shaw Jnr to restore the momentum with some block (Ollie) and bash (Mike). This final flourish took us to 162 at tea which proved to be just enough.

Tea was taken in a relaxed fashion as the weather had deteriorated further and the general consensus was that the second innings would probably not get under way. In the event, the rain remained a steady drizzle and the wind a mere arctic blast and we straggled out to take the field still half-convinced that the match would not be completed. A fine start from Steve-O and Tony W saw Tony take two wickets and a fine slip catch to help Steve-O extend his record for aggregate wickets by one. It was 39-3 after 13, I think, and although the pace of scoring picked up a little after that, with the Drovers on 61-5 with less than half the overs left, Salix looked on course for a straightforward victory. Things are rarely straightforward with Salix CC! The number 6, batting with a runner, looked untroubled and the No 7 proceeded to play the innings of the day, timing the pants off the ball and hitting boundaries at will. The score rocketed past the hundred and the pair looked to be racing the Drovers to victory when, for the second time in the match, a fine diving catch in the outfield proved momentum changing. This time Ex-Capn GC held a sparkling effort off Padders' bowling to dismiss Sharpe for 70. Even so, at this stage only 20 were needed off the last 3 overs and Salix were favourites to come second but Padders kept it tight and Tony W came back to bowl a great second spell with two wickets in the last over including one with the last ball of the 30 overs to win the match with one run to spare. Nailbiting stuff and one of the most exciting matches I've played in.

Thanks to The Drovers for a great match – maybe a tie would have been a fitting result. Also to YM for volunteering to play for the opposition and maintaining a cheerful disposition despite the occasional sledging that ensued. Thanks to the Weather Gods for holding off and allowing us to complete a great match. It's a shame Lottie wasn't here to do this one justice but I've tried my best…..

*If you are wondering about the title of this piece of persiflage, can I direct you to the report for the Quokkas match last year.

Nurdler, T.

Salix CC versus Drovers CC at Harlington on 12-05-2013(30 Over Game)
Salix CC (batting first)162for 8off30overs Match Won
Drovers CC161for 8off30overs
NoPlayerScoreHow Out
1.David Padmore52Caught
2.Adam Darling0Caught
3.Ben Shaw23Caught
4.Stuart Lumsden13Caught
5.Darren Gavigan5Caught
6.Oliver Shaw4Bowled
7.Tony Williams3LBW
8.Tim Collins0Stumped
9.Mike Ellis33Not Out
10.Dominic Spillane2Not Out
11.Steve Jacobs0Did Not Bat
1.Steve Jacobs6014114.0036.002.33
2.Tony Williams602145.259.003.50
3.Stuart Lumsden611628.0018.002.67
4.Mike Ellis60500--8.33
5.Adam Darling30310--10.33
6.David Padmore3021121.0018.007.00
Mike Ellis1catch
Stuart Lumsden1catch
Tony Williams1catch

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Steve-O left the following remarks on 13th May 2013

And another suggested edit... Salix batted first and in years to come readers won't understand how close this was if they think we were chasing and not defending... and we wouldn't want to re-write history now would we? Great game played in awful conditions but despite the odds we're all winners. Eds Note: Fixed, there is some kind of too-complicated-for-me glitch in the code and I forgot to allow for it

ex capn Elvis left the following remarks on 12th May 2013

Fantastic game, which we looked like we'd win easily twice and then lose easily twice. Well bowled Good Tony, making up for my atrocious bowling. I did take a catch though, but for some reason the editor seems to have forgotten it. Eds note: Not forgotten but missing from the rain soaked book. Restored now esp as it was me you caught!

Yesterdays Man left the following remarks on 12th May 2013

I've been playing cricket badly for 45 plus years and truthfully I find it hard to remember a finer game than this. Despite the truly abysmal weather the game ebbed and flowed and went to the very last ball, and the bottle that Good Tony showed bowling the last ball was something truly exceptional. The game was played in the most tremendous spirit (I played for the oppo in fact!) and I just think money can't buy afternoons like this, so thanks to everyone. Now, where's the Nurofen..