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We lose a last ball thrilla: vs Whalers 19 May 2013 (Season: 2013)
Report by: Elvis

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GC recreates Daveski’s dead fish dive
This is going to be a quick match report because I'm actually having to work for a living at the moment rather than just lazing around writing match reports for Salix. After last week's last ball thrilla, which we won on the final ball there was more of the same drama for Salix this week, but unfortunately this time we were on the wrong side of the result.

Batting first Whalers lost some early wickets with Deepak finding some swing and bowling two of the Whaler's top order with balls that hit the stumps via the pads. With Rog, myself and ex CGC adding a wicket or two here and there we soon had Whalers 6 down with not much on the board. However, Whaler's no. 4 (I think) had weathered the storm and together with their number 8 began to take the game to Salix with some aggressive batting. Both batsmen eventually fell, the number 4 to an excellent diving Young Spillane catch off Rog, but only after they'd put Whalers in a much stronger position. They ended up on 159-8 from their 40 overs.

Salix innings started poorly with Daveski clean bowled for a duck, but only after some spectacular running between the wickets saw him dive to make his ground only to flounder like a dead fish a yard short of the crease . The other batsmen chipped in here and there but nobody could build an innings beyond the 20s until Badmo continued his recent run of form. With the scoreboard ticking over he and first Deepak and then Rog kept us in the game at close to a run a ball. We ended up needing 8 to win off the final over and were given an excellent start when Bodmo pulled the first ball for four. The second went for a single and Rog tipped and ran the third. Two dot balls followed, o and it came down to Salix needing a single from the final ball to tie - Badmo could only find short mid-on and his quick throw back to the bowler just beat Badmo's lunge for the line as he scampered down the track in vain.

In all the years we've played Whalers, and there's been a fair few of those now, we've often been on the losing side, but I can't recall a game as close as that against them. They were understandably pleased with the result, but gracious as ever in victory.

Salix CC versus Whalers at Kings House Sports Ground Chiswick on 19-05-2013(40 Over Game)
Salix CC (batting second)158all outoff40overs Match Lost
Whalers159for 8off40overs
NoPlayerScoreHow Out
1.Mark Rickman19Caught
2.Dave Henig0Bowled
3.Darren Gavigan22LBW
4.Mark Jolly8Caught
5.Adam Darling20Bowled
6.Christy Kulasingam2Caught
7.Stuart Lumsden18Bowled
8.David Padmore41Run Out
9.Mike Ellis2Bowled
10.Deepak Winston2LBW
11.Roger Heaton5Not Out
1.Deepak Winston81933.0016.001.12
2.Roger Heaton7028128.0042.004.00
3.Stuart Lumsden8138138.0048.004.75
4.Christy Kulasingam8236218.0024.004.50
5.Mike Ellis5116116.0030.003.20
6.David Padmore40260--6.50
Adam Darling1catch
Darren Gavigan1catch
Stuart Lumsden1catch
David Padmore1catch
Mike Ellis1drop
Mark Jolly1drop

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TYS left the following remarks on 21st May 2013

Thanks Ed! I blame the rubbish instructions...

YM left the following remarks on 21st May 2013

Ed: Fixed TYS's appalling html coding which had eff'd up the whole page. tsk tsk.

TYS left the following remarks on 21st May 2013

Daveski and Chopper were basically recreating this (Death of Elias) on a cricket pitch. It was utterly hilarious.

Daveski left the following remarks on 20th May 2013

You could have recreated it properly, Chopper was also lying flat at the other end having fallen down at the shock of being called back for a second run.

The Writer left the following remarks on 20th May 2013

Well played chaps - pity we didn't quite make it. Whalers were very generous to us with wides, so I think it's fair that we did likewise, even if the particular wide that wasn't given that would have tied the game and given us two balls to spare was so generous that the Whaler's bowler and skipper got down on his hands and knees with thanks.