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Last wicket thrilla: vs Hetairoi CC 02 Jun 2013 (Season: 2013)
Report by: SteveO

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Toff gets himself a Merc
In years to come historians will look back on the scorecard for this game and rightly identify it as a close fought "nailbiter". What the scorecard doesn't show is that Salix were, once again, authors of their own horror story.

When the opposition turn up with 9 men (and one of those is YM playing on loan) and their innings is restricted to a meagre 135 on a Harlington "belter" and Salix are 108 for 2 in reply after 19 overs one would probably think this was going to be an easy win for the men playing under the Latin moniker. But no.

So let us go back to the beginning. Salix's strict "no selection" policy resulted in us turning out 10 players who would normally expect to turn up and get a bowl. Captain Padmo dealt with this situation admirably - he bowled 9 men and left himself on the shelf (quite a sacrifice when he only needed one more wicket to join the 100 club). So Salix lost the toss and were put into the field and we toiled manfully and after the first 4 bowlers had sent down 16 overs Hetairoi had only lost 1 wicket but they had only 34 on the board. The second string bowlers - CK and Elvis - were a little more expensive but they did pick up 2 wickets each. There was a fine catch from Imtiaz and the inevitable 4 drops. So tea was taken with Salix facing a target of 136 which, it was generally agreed, was around 50 below par on a sunny Harlington day with a fast outfield and a true wicket. And as mentioned earlier at 108-2 the 136 target didn't look below par it looked easy. However, after Padmo and Imtiaz had added 69 for the second wicket and Imtiaz and CK added 21 for the third wicket it all went wrong.

I can only suppose it was because the target was so small and the number of overs remaining so large that every batsman decided they had to "hit the cover off it" and therefore orchestrated their own dismissal. 108-2 became 120-5 which became 132-9. Cometh the hour cometh your correspondent who for the second week running was called upon to bat in a do or die situation. Last week I died, this week I stood at one end of the wicket and watched Elvis despatch the ball to the boundary for a narrow victory.

All round good performances from Mike with his 2 wickets and 10 nerveless runs and from Imtiaz with his maiden Salix 50 from just 39 deliveries. Padders edged closer to Tony's run tally with 33 but I do worry that captaining the team this season will age him greatly if we carry on in this mode for the rest of the season.

Hetairoi were gracious in defeat and as friendly as ever.

Salix CC versus Hetairoi CC at Harlington on 02-06-2013(35 Over Game)
Salix CC (batting second)136for 9off25overs Match Won
Hetairoi CC135for 5off35overs
NoPlayerScoreHow Out
1.David Padmore33LBW
2.Darren Gavigan2Bowled
3.Imtiaz Khan50Caught
4.Christy Kulasingam6Caught
5.Andy Spurr8Bowled
6.Stuart Lumsden5Caught
7.Mike Ellis10Not Out
8.Roger Heaton3LBW
9.Dillan Unadkat0LBW
10.Deepak Winston2Caught
11.Steve Jacobs0Not Out
1.Steve Jacobs42110--2.75
2.Deepak Winston52130--2.60
3.Andy Spurr42414.0024.001.00
4.Roger Heaton3060--2.00
5.Imtiaz Khan30120--4.00
6.Mike Ellis501829.0015.003.60
7.Dillan Unadkat30170--5.67
8.Stuart Lumsden40260--6.50
9.Christy Kulasingam4022211.0012.005.50
Imtiaz Khan1catch
David Padmore1catch
Darren Gavigan1drop
Christy Kulasingam1drop
David Padmore1drop
Dillan Unadkat1drop

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Hero left the following remarks on 3rd June 2013

Is that a record number of bowlers used in one match by Salix? Only the skipper and the wicket keeper didn't bowl and the variety of bowling was down to having so much choice rather than anyone disgracing themselves.