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A win for Salix: vs Balham Roamers 28 Jul 2013 (Season: 2013)
Report by: Tuffers

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Gateway to the South
Another nail biting game that mirrors many a Salix game this season, I’m hoping there’ll be a match report this season describing a comfortable Salix win…

So we start with Salix in the field with the odd passing shower, Pretty Boy and Delilah opening the bowling on a pitch that had some unusual characteristics. Pretty Boy was very accurate, and Delilah was unlucky not to pick up an early wicket or two with a couple of dropped catches, one a very difficult caught-and-bowled opportunity. Plugging away, pretty soon Pretty Boy had four wickets and had one more over to try and get his Michelle. It wasn’t to be, but still a great performance.

Good Tony and Elvis continued what the openers had started, building pressure with good accurate bowling, plus a pitch that certainly helped the bowlers. Elvis bagged two wickets, and a brilliant juggling effort from Dozy and Elvis behind the stumps meant that Good Tony got the wicket he deserved.

Then came the moment that Padders had been waiting for, wicket number 100, and what a key wicket it was - Balham’s top scorer nicked behind and Dozy had catch number 3 to his name. Padders finished with an immaculate spell of 2 overs, 2 maidens with that wicket! I then bowled some usual rubbish, but came back and took two wickets and the innings was over. Just 95 on the board, surely a comfortable Salix win in the coming?

After a quick tea, Balham started with Test match field, three slips, a short leg and a silly point. The opening bowling was quick and venomous, but our openers kept them at bay for a few overs until an in- swinging yorker had Daveski down for the count, he got up but was caught behind the very next ball. Padders time came as passed rather quickly and Mr J was caught at first slip. Salix 3 down and the target of 96 looked a long way away. Dozy then came to the crease and with CK settled in to a nice rhythm and kept the runs flowing. Balham then brought back their main strike bowler, who had one last over remaining. If we could see him out surely the game was in our hands? However in typical Salix fashion his last over brought two cricket fatalities in two balls. CK caught short square-leg from a ball that spat like a cobra from the pitch, and Good Tony then had his stumps re-arranged the next ball.

Salix 5 down, and talk went from winning to avoiding our lowest score. Then came the innings that changed the game, and exCGC showed that class is permanent with a swashbuckling quick-fire 26. Unfortunately a pull found the man at deep-square leg and the game was back in the balance. So Elvis joined Dozy in the middle, and a fantastic 6 over long-on from Elvis brought the target down to within 1 shot; and appropriately Dozy hit the winning runs the next over, completing a fantastic knock, guiding Salix home to victory.

A big sigh of relief from the Salix boys, great game all round, played in great spirit. An early finish allowed time for a drink down the local, where Dozy was unanimously named Man of the Match; and then decided that Estonia wouldn’t be a bad idea after all and signed up for the tour!

Salix CC versus Balham Roamers at Wandsworth Common on 28-07-2013(35 Over Game)
Salix CC (batting second)97for 7off25overs Match Won
Balham Roamers96all outoff26overs
NoPlayerScoreHow Out
1.Dave Henig9Caught
2.Mark Jolly0Caught
3.David Padmore3Caught
4.Christy Kulasingam15Caught
5.Chris Lamont22Not Out
6.Tony Williams0Bowled
7.Stuart Lumsden26Caught
8.Dillan Unadkat1Bowled
9.Mike Ellis6Not Out
10.Deepak Winston0Did Not Bat
11.Steve Jacobs0Did Not Bat
1.Steve Jacobs713147.7510.504.43
2.Deepak Winston61170--2.83
3.Tony Williams5316116.0030.003.20
4.Mike Ellis401125.5012.002.75
5.Dillan Unadkat201527.506.007.50
6.David Padmore22010.0012.000.00
Chris Lamont3catches
Mike Ellis1catch
David Padmore1catch
Dillan Unadkat1catch
Mike Ellis1drop

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Blowers left the following remarks on 2nd August 2013

Enjoyable description of the day's events, Tuffers, my dear old thing. I was transported amidst the action, compared to the banality of most commentary seen here and elsewhere on the interweb. If I were to give a minuscule tip: do mention the movements of pigeons and aircraft (RIP, the bendy buses), which I'm certain contributed to your team's successful performance on this occasion.

YM left the following remarks on 29th July 2013

Big thanks to Tuffers for his inaugural match report, a task foisted upon him by Pretty Boy.