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Annihilated: vs Gents of West London 08 Sep 2013 (Season: 2013)
Report by: YM

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A vision in denim. Our batting MOTM
It's best, I think, to draw a total veil over the details of this game where our team of an elderly man, a boy and others in between were totally out bowled, out batted and out fielded. The weather was typically end of season, cold, drizzly for most of the game and some heavy showers. On the plus side there was the most amazing rainbow.

Also on the plus side, Smutty was our batting MOTM ably assisted by O Shaw (11), these two propelling us past our lowest ever score by some margin.

Also of note, this game marked our last under the guidance of the long serving groundsman, Mick. He has diligently prepared wonderful wickets for us (and his wife excellent teas) over many years and we have rarely done justice to his labours (although the teams waistlines indicate we did do justice to the teas) and I'm sure we all wish him well in the future.

Salix CC versus Gents of West London at Harlington on 08-09-2013(35 Over Game)
Salix CC (batting second)80all outoff28overs Match Lost
Gents of West London238for 7off35overs
NoPlayerScoreHow Out
1.Ben Shaw4Bowled
2.Roger Heaton2Caught
3.David Padmore11Caught
4.Christy Kulasingam1Bowled
5.Mark Jolly2Bowled
6.Tony Fletcher0Caught
7.Oliver Shaw8LBW
8.Tim Collins14Bowled
9.Dillan Unadkat4Bowled
10.Andrew Tiffany5Bowled
11.Tony Williams4Not Out
1.Roger Heaton7037218.5021.005.29
2.Tony Williams70280--4.00
3.David Padmore6055155.0036.009.17
4.Christy Kulasingam7041141.0042.005.86
5.Andrew Tiffany402939.678.007.25
6.Dillan Unadkat4038138.0024.009.50
David Padmore2catches
Roger Heaton1catch
Oliver Shaw2drops
Tony Williams2drops
Ben Shaw1drop

Mick and Badmo

No pot of gold for us

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