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The heat and the dust: Whalers Aug 3 2003 (Season: 2003)
Report by: Colin Cowdreyfletch

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Sunday 3rd dawned as hot as a sumo wrestlers jock strap after a 12 bout session. And then it got a bit hotter still. There was gridlock on the A40 and half the Salix team were at Lords to see SA making yet more records. So we lined up as 6 Salix players, 4 from the Mighty Wanderers (Tim, Dickie, Murdo and Stephen) and two celebrity ringers (Sam and Ade) from the London Nigerians. We were the Mighty Wandering London Salix Nigerians for just one day.

Captain Dickie lost the toss and in we went to bat. Clarkster faced 13 balls before being bowled for duck and Ade faced 19 balls, hit 4*4?s before being caught. An unpromising start. Stephen, Sam and Podge steadied the middle order a bit but things were looking bad at 67 for 5. And then worse as Captain Dickie ran himself out on his very first ball. 67 for 6. Even though the weather was roasting the pitch was a real featherbed, but the outfield was very fast indeed. This was all looking baaddddddddd. So the tail took it a bit steady and Tim, Murdo and Fletch took it even slower still and eventually we batted 32 overs for 127. It was going to be hard.

After tea, Steve-O and Ade trundled into the attack and were rewarded with a quickish breakthrough, Steve-O getting a great caught behind and Ade cleaning the number 3. 11 for 2. But sadly it was not to be and the Whalers settled down to a very slow run rate but they plugged away and although we worked hard in the field it was not to be. Steve-O was particularly unlucky in his second spell as Fletch dropped a hard low one hander in the slips and two balls later Ade dropped another even faster slip catch. But by 26 overs it was hasta la vista Mighty Wandering London Salix Nigerians and hola Whalers.

Despite the score book this was a closer game than it looked and it was all seriously hard work in such soaring heat.. Both teams played really rather well, the fielding was of a very high standard and runs were very hard to come by notwithstanding the fast outfield. No obvious Men of the match but the two Whalers bowlers deserved their 2 for 8 of 4.5 overs and the 4 for 28 off 7.
Salix CC versus Whalers at Glaxo on 03-08-2003(35 Over Game)
Salix CC (batting first)127all outoff32.5overs Match Lost
Whalers128for 4off29overs
NoPlayerScoreHow Out
1.Ademola Tade16Caught
2.Neil Clark0Bowled
3.Stephen Tjasink8Caught
4.Sam Asielue21Caught
5.Paul Rogers12Bowled
6.Richard Winter0Run Out
7.Ollie Carter1Caught
8.Tim Madison10Bowled
9.Murdo Montgomery18Caught
10.Tony Fletcher7LBW
11.Steve Jacobs0Not Out
1.Steve Jacobs7213113.0042.001.86
2.Ademola Tade7135217.5021.005.00
3.Sam Asielue41110--2.75
4.Paul Rogers30180--6.00
5.Tim Madison10130--13.00
6.Tony Fletcher30180--6.00
7.Richard Winter10414.006.004.00
8.Murdo Montgomery1010--1.00
9.Stephen Tjasink2060--3.00
Neil Clark2catches
Ademola Tade1catch
Ollie Carter1drop
Tony Fletcher1drop
Ademola Tade1drop

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wow, NINE bowlers! some kind of record shurely?