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Hardly our finest hour: vs Blenheim Park CC 22 Sep 2013 (Season: 2013)
Report by: Tuffers

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More runs & wickets than anyone, ever in a season
So it's come to this, the last game of the season in the traditional fixture against Blenheim Park CC at the beautiful Blenheim Palace. I saw more of the venue than I was hoping as I couldn't find the right car-park and ended up doing a tour of the palace!

I have no idea who won the toss as I missed it, but we found ourselves in the field with Pretty Boy and Roger opening the bowling with tight spell. Dozy taking a good catch off PB's bowling to get an early wicket. Then CK came on to replace Rog, knowing that he would need 3 wickets to take the record for the most wickets in a season (with the record for the most runs in a season already in the bag), and in an indifferent spell got a slower ball to be chipped to mid-wicket where I gratefully took the catch.

Elvis at the other end was bowling a very testing spell, and got a well deserved wicket with one that pitched middle & leg and hit off. Jolly came on at the other end and took a wicket in a period where Salix had slowed the run-rate and had wickets falling at regular intervals. However, CK was still two away from beating the record, so it was time for his second spell, and he bowled with more verve and accuracy than his first spell and was rewarded with his second wicket of the day, now joint with GC for the record.

Pretty Boy came on from the other end, and started bowling cutters which was causing havoc taking 2 in 2 balls, he would have to wait for the next over to try and go for his hatrick. CK, then got the wicket his season had deserved – number 30 – disturbing the stumps with a fast full one. Congratulations to CK - a fantastic achievement, it has been annus mirabilis for CK – let's hope for more next year! Blenheim 9 down, could PB get his hatrick to finishing the innings? Not quite, but he did get a wicket the ball after; so three wickets in four balls and a four-for in the match. Blenheim got a very handy score of 180-odd, but considering they looked like getting 200+ earlier in the innings, Salix had done well to restrict the scoring towards at the end of the innings. And that's where the match report should end.

The batting performance was head-in-hands esque. The first three overs were wicket-maidens, Salix were 0-3 after 3 overs, and the game was pretty much gone. The first challenge was to get past 59 runs, and thanks to CK, Jolly and Roger we got past our lowest score and added some respectability to the score. However, we were soundly beaten, a disappointing way to end the season but some memorable moments in the day that won't be forgotten anytime soon.

Despite the result, it was still an enjoyable day and it was good to see Tinker and Swordsman and to end the day in the pub with the traditional cheesy-chips.

Roll on the 2014 season!

Salix CC versus Blenheim Park CC at Blenheim Palace on 22-09-2013(35 Over Game)
Salix CC (batting second)78all outoff30overs Match Lost
Blenheim Park CC188all outoff33.2overs
NoPlayerScoreHow Out
1.Chris Lamont0Bowled
2.Adam Darling0LBW
3.Darren Gavigan0Bowled
4.Christy Kulasingam24Caught
5.David Padmore2Bowled
6.Mark Jolly12Bowled
7.Dominic Spillane1Caught
8.Roger Heaton20Bowled
9.Mike Ellis5Caught
10.Dillan Unadkat8Bowled
11.Steve Jacobs2Not Out
1.Steve Jacobs6.203147.759.504.89
2.Roger Heaton71240--3.43
3.Mike Ellis7044144.0042.006.29
4.Christy Kulasingam6056318.6712.009.33
5.Mark Jolly30717.0018.002.33
6.Dillan Unadkat4021121.0024.005.25
Chris Lamont2catches
Mike Ellis1catch
Mark Jolly1catch
Dillan Unadkat1catch
Adam Darling2drops
Mark Jolly1drop

Nurdler gives Badmo his ton ball from the Baltic

Tink and Swords take it easy

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Steve-O left the following remarks on 23rd September 2013

As this is the end of the season I thought I would round it up with a few "interesting facts" that show I spend too much time on Statto Korner... because of his stupendous efforts this season CK is now the highest run scorer in the history of the club (overtaking Ben) and the first Salixite to score over 2,500 runs; he also overtakes Tony to go third in the all time bowling list (though there are unconfirmed rumours of a Fletcher comeback in 2014). Our other star of the season was our Skipper and in addition to (finally) getting his 100th wicket for the club he's overtaken the Nurdler to go third in the all time batting list. Rog's wickets this season means he's moved to 8th in the all time list (eclipsing Bushy) and Dave Henig's 930 runs for the club move him into the Top 10 all time list. Oh and my 2 n.o. yesterday was all I needed to take me to 200 runs for the club... not bad for 17 seasons of trying to avoid batting. Winter well, email about the Spring Tour coming soon.