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2014 Tour: vs Sporting Alfas 1st XI 03 May 2014 (Season: 2014)
Report by: Pretty Boy

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Captain Padders
The oppositions 268/5 doesn't tell the whole story, it could have been a lot worse! They retired two players; one on 81 and the other when he'd hit 50. Wickets were at a premium and the locals familiarity with the conditions (and how to take advantage of them) a definite plus.

Pick of the bowlers was Rog who found the right length to at least make scoring difficult. Jehan bowled his off-spin well but got clobbered when he decided he was 23 again and should be coming off his long run - that experiment lasted just two balls. Delilah also bowled a tight line but dropped a sitter later to make up for his efforts.

When it came to Salix's turn to bat it was mainly a case of getting passed the famous 59 and at least try and post three figures. Alas it was not to be. Padders hit one screaming cover drive that was stopped cleanly and then hit another next ball which was caught. Tink and Rog were both unlucky with their dismissals but in truth we never threatened the Alfas' 268. Only Daz, Dozy and extras made it to double figures. .

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Salix CC versus Sporting Alfas 1st XI at Albir (Spain) on 03-05-2014(40 Over Game)
Salix CC (batting second)73all outoff30overs Match Lost
Sporting Alfas 1st XI268for 5off40overs
NoPlayerScoreHow Out
1.Chris Lamont10Caught & Bowled
2.Jehan DeSilva6Bowled
3.Darren Gavigan12Caught
4.Christy Kulasingam8Caught
5.David Padmore6Caught
6.Graham Nannery7Caught
7.Roger Heaton8LBW
8.Deepak Winston4Caught
9.Tim Collins1Stumped
10.Dillan Unadkat0Not Out
11.Andy Foster1Bowled
1.Roger Heaton8233133.0048.004.12
2.Deepak Winston80380--4.75
3.David Padmore8055155.0048.006.88
4.Dillan Unadkat6062162.0036.0010.33
5.Andy Foster3029129.0018.009.67
6.Christy Kulasingam30200--6.67
7.Jehan DeSilva4026126.0024.006.50
Chris Lamont2catches
Tim Collins1drop
Deepak Winston1drop

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