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Whew what a scorcha: run fest: vs St Annes All Stars 21 Jun 2014 (Season: 2014)
Report by: YM

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Ollie, Izzy and Lottie
Well, it was a scorcher on Barnes Common as a somewhat depleted Salix turned up on a Saturday under the Virgin Captain Darling. Batting first, everyone contributed on a rather "two bounce" green top, with special mention to Captain Darling for his excellent tail end 50. A lot of time in this game was spent searching the undergrowth for balls, and we played with white ones, red ones and even a pink one.

After tea, St Annes started slowly but picked up the rate and then stayed on it for a very long time, a not inconsiderably tricky task. But cometh the Ginga Ninja for his second spell and the breakthrough was made to coast to a fairly straightforward end and hence to the Sun Pub for liquid replenishment.

Of note: an incredible run fest in boiling heat - small boundaries, lots of bushes. Thanks to St Annes for the loan of two fielders. The paucity of our bowling meant that that all those who tried gave their utmost, and were supported by excellent fielding, even Captain Darlings drop was a very tricky one.

And finally the day saw the full adult debut of Ollie Shaw, aged 12, who bowled and batted exceptionally well and fit right in (except for the pints of lager and cider of course). Ollie is now awarded Salix player number 104. He was ably supported by his cricket loving sisters and I am sure than one day the team will be about 50% Shaw family (assuming his dad keeps his place)

Thanks to St Annes for being very sporting and giving us a tremendous tussle: in games like this it really doesn't matter who wins or loses, we are all winners for a fantastic day in the sun.

Final note: the bowling scorebook doesn't quite add up as the game went to the 34th over. No matter

edit: bowling fixed as per CGC note

Salix CC versus St Annes All Stars at Barnes Common on 21-06-2014(35 Over Game)
Salix CC (batting first)226for 7off35overs Match Won
St Annes All Stars208all outoff34overs
NoPlayerScoreHow Out
1.Sivaarun Thangarajah21Caught
2.Chris Lamont20Caught
3.Christy Kulasingam31Caught
4.Stuart Lumsden24Bowled
5.Ben Shaw10Bowled
6.Oliver Shaw6Caught
7.Adam Darling56Not Out
8.Andrew Grant16Caught
9.Tony Fletcher14Not Out
1.Christy Kulasingam6117117.0036.002.83
2.Stuart Lumsden9040313.3318.004.44
3.Andrew Grant4035135.0024.008.75
4.Adam Darling50290--5.80
5.Oliver Shaw50460--9.20
6.Sivaarun Thangarajah5030310.0010.006.00
Ben Shaw1catch
Adam Darling1drop

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Tuffers left the following remarks on 25th June 2014

Great win guys and good job Virgin Captain Darling

GC left the following remarks on 23rd June 2014

I think Adam, Granty and Ollie all bowled an over more each. Ollie did bowl five for sure.