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A soundly bucolic thrashing: vs Buckhorn Weston 24 Aug 2014 (Season: 2014)
Report by: Daveski

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Beautiful, if don't look at the score
Former Salix player Simon Dodd moved to the bucolic village of Buckhorn Weston in North Dorset and evidently put his advertising skills to good use in overselling the qualities of his former team. He was then unable to be present to view the chaos that ensued.

On the pitch the day's good news started and ended quickly with 11 players assembling on time from various parts of the south east, and Padders winning the toss and choosing to bat. The opening bowlers took full advantage of a slow, occasionally uneven wicket, with some great swing bowling, one finishing his first spell with 6-5-2-2, the two being Bison and myself. Latterly Padders and Dozy rebuilt the innings, the latter in particular showing a new found aggression clearly inspired by his recently acquired Porsche, and with the tail wagging a bit we at least had a score to defend, even if it looked somewhat on the low side.

After a great tea, four overs and 30 odd runs soon showed how short of runs we were. Bowling with the old ball didn't help, but one of their openers hit a chanceless 100, and many a good (and not so good) ball headed at great velocity to the boundary and beyond. Elvis bowled well, and Fletch took the glory and the only wicket with a spell that well and truly puzzled the opposition, but our resistance was limited. As the game hurtled towards a conclusion the team relaxed in each other's misfortunes, highlight being Rog trying to climb a gate to retrieve a ball in the farm next door before realising it was open.

As so to the pub where future tours were planned as is customary at the end of August. And the long journey home from a pleasant day and utter thrashing.

Salix CC versus Buckhorn Weston at Buckhorn Weston on 24-08-2014(40 Over Game)
Salix CC (batting second)133all outoff40overs Match Lost
Buckhorn Weston136for 1off21.4overs
NoPlayerScoreHow Out
1.Mark Dyson3LBW
2.Dave Henig7Bowled
3.Sivaarun Thangarajah15Bowled
4.Christy Kulasingam0Caught
5.Chris Lamont18Caught
6.David Padmore40Caught & Bowled
7.Mike Ellis17Caught
8.Tony Fletcher7Caught & Bowled
9.Roger Heaton3Bowled
10.Andrew Grant7Run Out
11.Dillan Unadkat1Not Out
1.Christy Kulasingam30200--6.67
2.Roger Heaton30180--6.00
3.Dillan Unadkat50330--6.60
4.Andrew Grant30270--9.00
5.Mike Ellis4.42190--4.07
6.Tony Fletcher30919.0018.003.00
Dave Henig1drop
Chris Lamont1drop

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Daveski left the following remarks on 30th August 2014

Indeed, catch avoidance so skilled I had no idea that was what I was doing.

Golden Duck left the following remarks on 27th August 2014

It must be said, YM had a fairytale comeback to the Salix bowling line up, as the numbers clearly indicate ? the best return and the best economy of the day. It was a befuddling spell. The unbeaten centurion's contorted face after facing each delivery told a story ? he had never before seen anything of the kind. Well done also to the Communistic One on his return to reporting. The triumphant return would have been even more complete had no one detected his skilled catch avoidance.

Lord Nelson left the following remarks on 26th August 2014

My new highlight of the season was Roger Vs The Open Fence...

Davseki left the following remarks on 26th August 2014

Bison's cracked it, my visual impairment was to blame. Discrimination!

Bison left the following remarks on 26th August 2014

Daveski, I saw "chanceless 100" and thought "what about the drop?" "he's missed the drop" "how could he have missed Daveski's drop?". I had to look to see which visually impaired team member wrote the report and all suddenly became much clearer.

YM left the following remarks on 25th August 2014

Although Daveski has alluded to this, I must reiterate that the tea was a thing of pulchritudinous wonder. It totally ranks alongside the legendary "sandwiches from the Pont de la Tour restaurant" (Phene, 2000) and "rare roast beef in a mini Yorkshire pudding" (Blenheim, 2006) teas of yesteryear. Captain Paddlers was spontaneously driven to comment rapturously on the egg sandwiches and I had to limit myself to just four brownies. The purveyors of this gastronomic delight must be heartily commended.

Daveski left the following remarks on 25th August 2014

Don't remember dropping a catch, but it was a long day