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Fifteen years on ...: vs Jordans Taverners (Seer Green) 31 Aug 2014 (Season: 2014)
Report by: The Nurdler

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The lads
The last Sunday in August found a Salix XI in Seer Green for the annual joust with one of our longest-standing opponents Jordans Taverners. I think this is the earliest we've played this fixture - it was the season-closer before we picked up the Blenheim game. This is always an enjoyable fixture and generally played in pleasant late-summer sunshine. This Sunday was no exception. The team this week featured a father and son combo in Ben and Ollie Shaw with Ollie returning to the scene of one of his earliest Salix outings check the report for Sept 12th 2004!*).

Unlike that victorious outing 10 years ago, we lost the toss and took the field with Delilah and CK1 opening the bowling. Some good work from them and the first change team of Ginge and Suki along with some good fielding and a great catches from Dozy and Cap'n Badmo saw us in a reasonable position at drinks but some solid whacking from the Tavs middle order took them to 192 at the close of their innings. A target which was gettable if larger than we might have hoped for halfway through.

After an excellent tea, the openers went out and against some fairly pacey bowling we were three down in pretty short order. There followed some rebuilding and a rally chiefly from Ben and Ginger which got us to the point where we were just beginning to think about starting to dream of an unlikely victory. Alas, a clatter of wickets left the last pair with an unlikely target of 70 off the last six overs and although they managed an undefeated 30 or so we were 40 runs short still when the overs ran out.

Still defeat was made slightly more palatable a visit to the Jolly Cricketers - and there's always next year.

*If you look at that report 'New Dom' is me - back in my youthful forties (just) - New because there was a previous Dominic, Dom Guinness. 'The Nurdler' was bestowed slightly later by YM. Cautionary note - Matt who opened with me in that match is now only referred to as 'The Fumbler' because he dropped a catch off YM's bowling. Stay alert if Tony is bowling and always give at least 150%.

Salix CC versus Jordans Taverners (Seer Green) at Seer Green on 31-08-2014(35 Over Game)
Salix CC (batting second)157for 9off35overs Match Lost
Jordans Taverners (Seer Green)192for 5off35overs
NoPlayerScoreHow Out
1.Chris Lamont12Caught
2.Christy Kulasingam7Caught
3.David Padmore9Caught
4.Ben Shaw26Bowled
5.Deepak Winston10Bowled
6.Stuart Lumsden48Bowled
7.Oliver Shaw1Bowled
8.Sukhdeep Jagait1Bowled
9.Dillan Unadkat0Caught
10.Tony Fletcher12Not Out
11.Dominic Spillane15Not Out
1.Deepak Winston6037137.0036.006.17
2.Christy Kulasingam7041141.0042.005.86
3.Stuart Lumsden72180--2.57
4.Sukhdeep Jagait40210--5.25
5.Oliver Shaw30150--5.00
6.Dillan Unadkat6042142.0036.007.00
7.David Padmore201427.006.007.00
Tony Fletcher1catch
Chris Lamont1catch
David Padmore1catch
Ben Shaw1catch
Ben Shaw2drops
David Padmore1drop

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YM left the following remarks on 1st September 2014

Ah, time gone by.. I see that the Donkey's nickname has now morphed into "The Smutmeister" and apparently in that game I sprinted for something. These things change. But also that I was called upon to "purchase" a wicket. Some things do not. Anyhow I'd echo the Nurdler, a lovely day, a great game and live music in the pub after. Perfect.