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New Oppo, usual result: vs Crowthorne CC 17 May 2015 (Season: 2015)
Report by: Elvis

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The boyz chillax
With our erstwhile comrade Chopper's team, the STOCC, leaving us in the last minute lurch it looked as though Mrs. Ellis would get her wish and I'd be spending Sunday fixing the TV ariel and painting the shed. Thankfully Capn Bad-Mo came to the rescue and pulled new oppo out of the cricketing jilted ether, Crowthorne and Crown Wood CC. With all that followed it may perhaps have been best if the shed now had a pleasant water proof sheen of arctic ice blue and I'd spent the rest of Sunday afternoon watching The Guns of Navarone in high definition.

The shellacking we received wasn't entirely unexpected: our track record against teams that play league cricket on Saturdays and have an impressive pavilion isn't prolific, although as per usual we were masters of our own demise primarily through a combined series of extraordinarily unfortunate decisions when batting. On what turned out to be a mostly sunny afternoon we hadn't started that poorly, with Teenwolf quickly finding his length and our opening bowlers keeping the run rate down at under four an over. Unfortunately on an exceptionally well prepared wicket the Crowthorne no. 3 quickly got his eye in and raced to his 50 with a number of straight driven sixes, following on to his century in what felt like the blink of an eye. That job done he kindly retired, which prompted a few wickets to fall in our favour, CGC putting a gloss on what would otherwise have been depressing figures; I had no such luck and delivered my worst return in a Salix shirt, only two matches after my best.

We went in for an absolutely excellent tea looking at a slightly daunting target of 291 but with some hope given the recent form of some of our batsmen. That spark of optimism briefly flickered into a flame of a belief as the skipper initially kept us on the run rate, but his loss to a silly slap shot, admittedly stunningly caught by the bowler, initiated the usual Salix Benny Hill Batting Show: slices and silly swipes saw us all back in the pavilion for 143, with only Granty offering any resistance down the tail.

Many thanks to Crowthorne for giving us a game at such short notice and hosting us at their beautiful tree lined ground. The DJ accompaniment was definitely a novelty and I doubt few of us will ever go out to bat again to the sounds of Bon Jovi's Living on a Prayer, even if it does seem to be playing on repeat in all our heads.

Salix CC versus Crowthorne CC at St Sebastians Playing field Wokingham on 17-05-2015(40 Over Game)
Salix CC (batting second)143all outoff30overs Match Lost
Crowthorne CC290for 5off40overs
NoPlayerScoreHow Out
1.David Padmore46Caught & Bowled
2.Adam Darling4Bowled
3.Sivaarun Thangarajah3Caught
4.Christy Kulasingam12Bowled
5.Stuart Lumsden4Caught
6.Mike Ellis15Bowled
7.Andy Spurr0Caught
8.Tim Collins5Bowled
9.Andrew Grant27Caught
10.Dillan Unadkat6Not Out
11.Dominic Spillane7Bowled
1.Andy Spurr8136136.0048.004.50
2.Christy Kulasingam20150--7.50
3.David Padmore6044144.0036.007.33
4.Mike Ellis80590--7.38
5.Stuart Lumsden8056318.6716.007.00
6.Dillan Unadkat20350--17.50
7.Adam Darling20170--8.50
8.Andrew Grant40280--7.00
Sivaarun Thangarajah2catches
Andy Spurr1catch
Dillan Unadkat1catch
Dillan Unadkat2drops
Andy Spurr1drop

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