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Dropping Catches loses matches: vs Hetairoi CC 31 May 2015 (Season: 2015)
Report by: Tuffers

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Five drops off his bowling...
A rain delayed game took place on Sunday, and in fact I think if you asked any of the team at the end of the game they probably wished it was rained off. On an overcast, windy day Padders lost the toss and we were inserted on a damp wicket. Daveski 11 runs short of his 1000th Salix run opened the batting with Delilah; and for the fourth time this season the openers couldn't see out the opening over after Daveski pulled to deep square leg who took a good catch. Daveski now 9 runs short of his landmark. That brought Nelson to the wicket, who continued his good form and was able to get the scoreboard ticking. Unfortunately Delilah was trapped LBW and Salix were 2 down with only 8 runs on the board. Arsey joined Nelson and attempted to rebuild the innings; however a full swinging delivery bowled Arsey. Captain Padders joined Nelson who was continuing to bat beautiful, combining a mix of rotating the strike and finding the boundary with regular intervals. Padders and Nelson put on a 50 run partnership and Salix were coming back into the game; unfortunately Padders then ran himself out and another rebuild was required. ExCGC hit two boundaries before being caught behind. Granty continued his good batting form for the season and started with a flurry scoring 9 runs off his first 4 balls. At the other end Nelson was keeping the innings together and was on 48 before he was bowled; 2 short of a very well deserved half century. Granty continued his aggressive nature before being caught for 16. Salix 118-8 and looking very likely to be very under par; however Rog played some lovely pulls and was able to get Salix to 143. A par score which felt like we could have a chance if we bowled and fielded well...

IF we fielded well; unfortunately apart from the first catching chance which Daveski held well, every other chance went down. Unfortunately all drops were off ExCGC and that genuinely robbed him of some well-deserved wickets. While the catching was genuinely disappointing (me being the most culpable) the bowling was tight and economical. Fevin and Rog bowled well with the new ball, and by all accounts Rog was swinging the ball a donkey's mile (have no idea what this means but the Aussie contingent in the team state this is a valid measurement). Padders continued his bowling form from Islip and was really building the pressure; plus also got a well-deserved LBW. After Arsey's excellent ground fielding brought a run out; Hetairoi were only 3 down but needed to increase the run-rate. I was then brought on to try and get a wicket and hopefully break the back of the Hetairoi innings, however the exact opposite happened. Good balls and bad balls all seemed to be dispatched to the boundary and after three expensive overs the game was as good as over. Sukhi bowled well and Fevin was brought back and took a consolation wicket but the game was over. A game that was there for the taking but in the key moments throughout the match Hetairoi played the better cricket and ultimately deserved the win.

A frustrating Sunday, especially for me, but one we will bounce back from and hopefully do so this coming Sunday.

Salix CC versus Hetairoi CC at Harlington on 31-05-2015(35 Over Game)
Salix CC (batting first)144all outoff34overs Match Lost
Hetairoi CC145for 4off29.5overs
NoPlayerScoreHow Out
1.Dave Henig2Caught
2.Deepak Winston5LBW
3.Sivaarun Thangarajah48Bowled
4.Adam Darling7Bowled
5.David Padmore13Run Out
6.Stuart Lumsden8Caught
7.Andrew Grant16Caught
8.Fevin Mascarenhas1Caught
9.Roger Heaton21Not Out
10.Sukhdeep Jagait1Caught
11.Dillan Unadkat3Stumped
1.Roger Heaton60180--3.00
2.Fevin Mascarenhas4.5027213.5014.505.59
3.David Padmore7114114.0042.002.00
4.Stuart Lumsden70290--4.14
5.Dillan Unadkat30350--11.67
6.Sukhdeep Jagait20190--9.50
Dave Henig1catch
Dillan Unadkat2drops
Adam Darling1drop
Dave Henig1drop
Sivaarun Thangarajah1drop

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