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Tremendous Teenwolf Ton makes it two in a row!: vs New Barbarian Weasels 14 Jun 2015 (Season: 2015)
Report by: Tuffers

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Teenwolf bags ton on wedding eve
After a good win last week the 10 of us (Smutty unfortunately sick on the day) arrived on another windy and overcast day at Harlington to play the New Barbarian Weasels; a relatively new opponent for us.

After winning the toss the skipper decided to have a bat on a very green wicket. Dozy and Fletch having the pleasure of opening the batting; and for only the second time this season the opening partnership survived the first over. Both Fletch and Dozy were able to keep the scoreboard ticking too give Salix a good start. One Dozy late cut deserves special mention, timed and placed to perfection which raced across to the boundary in no time. Unfortunately a few deliveries later Dozy was bowled by a good full delivery which went through the defences. This brought the recently Greggs-filled Nelson to the wicket and started with a boundary off his ball. Fletch continued his good batting form and kept on piercing the field to find the short leg-side boundary. Unfortunately Fletch played on to his stumps in the 11th over and brought his good innings to an end.

This brought Teenwolf to the wicket, the skipper hoping the elevated batting position would bring the best out of him. The first ball he received was a full toss which he smashed straight at cover, but fortunately for Salix, Teenwolf and the skipper this was put down. That drop would cost the Weasels 114 as after that Teenwolf batted beautifully. Mixing quick running with frequent boundaries, the scoreboard was ticking along at brilliant pace. Supported by Nelson who fell short of another well-deserved 50 and the skipper who hit a quick fire 24, Teenwolf was batting brilliantly. As runs continued to flow Ex-CGC keen to remind the waiting batsmen that Teenwolf was using his bat, so as Ex-CGC walked to the crease using Padder's bat he was soon walking back again with a duck to his name.

This brought Fevin to the wicket and he had the pleasure of being at the other end as Teenwolf brought up his brilliant hundred. Included in his 100 was a massive six which went over the sightscreen, a truly remarkable shot. Teenwolf finished not out on 114, the 5th higher score in Salix history, a genuinely brilliant knock - not bad for someone who considers himself a bowler who bats a bit!

After tea, the Weasels had the very tough challenge of chasing 275. In the first over, Fevin was able to get some bounce and movement; and was able to find the back of the batsmans bat. This looped slowly through the air to Nelson at second slip who somehow fumbled it to the ground. This drop by Gatting is the closest I can find that mirrors that drop! Fortunately the drop didn't cost anything and Fevin was able to bowl him a few deliveries later.

Sukhi opened the bowling at the other end and bowled really well and also got a well deserved wicket when the batman tried and failed to clear Ex-CGC at mid-on. I was then brought on at the other end, and was able to extract some big turn on a wicket that could only be described as a Bunsen. As the required run-rate continued to rise, the Weasels attempts to get on top of the bowling brought more wickets; including an excellent stumping by Dozy. Ex-CGC and Padders bowled well and took wickets regularly to ensure the game was never in doubt. This meant that the game meandered a little, and the skipper even gave Nelson an opportunity to restart his bowling career...

Overall a fantastic win for the team, and all on the back of Teenwolf's knock. It's only when Salix were bowling and were able to extract bounce, seam movement and turn that it really put into context what a tough wicket to bat on it was, and how special an innings it was. Unfortunately for Salix we won't get to see him replicate the knock next week as he's off to get married!!

Salix CC versus New Barbarian Weasels at Harlington on 14-06-2015(35 Over Game)
Salix CC (batting first)274for 5off35overs Match Won
New Barbarian Weasels164for 7off35overs
NoPlayerScoreHow Out
1.Tony Fletcher19Bowled
2.Chris Lamont4Bowled
3.Sivaarun Thangarajah44Caught
4.Andy Spurr114Not Out
5.David Padmore24Caught
6.Stuart Lumsden0Caught
7.Fevin Mascarenhas15Not Out
8.Sukhdeep Jagait0Did Not Bat
9.Dillan Unadkat0Did Not Bat
10.Dominic Spillane0Did Not Bat
1.Fevin Mascarenhas6025125.0036.004.17
2.Sukhdeep Jagait6130130.0036.005.00
3.Dillan Unadkat7237218.5021.005.29
4.Stuart Lumsden7222211.0021.003.14
5.David Padmore7315115.0042.002.14
6.Sivaarun Thangarajah20200--10.00
Stuart Lumsden1catch
Fevin Mascarenhas1catch
David Padmore1catch
Chris Lamont2drops
Sukhdeep Jagait1drop
Stuart Lumsden1drop
Dominic Spillane1drop
Sivaarun Thangarajah1drop

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Tuffers left the following remarks on 16th June 2015

I did see the book so appreciate how hard it was to decipher it. And there was the usual full bunger which went to the boundary so it's probably not too bad. As for GC's drop don't tend to mention drops which I'm not confident I would have caught myself! It did require him running in and slight dive; all with the pressure of knowing the skipper has called his name as he thought that would be his best chance of getting the wicket. Every single run of those 19 were worth it Fletch. Although the Harlington bench may think otherwise...

GC left the following remarks on 16th June 2015

That was in no way the "shelling of the biggest dolly you'll ever see" - it wasn't even the biggest dolly of that game!

YM left the following remarks on 16th June 2015

I've amended Sukhi to 30 runs

YM left the following remarks on 16th June 2015

The Weasels are great guys and it was a lovely day out, but Teenwolfs knock was something really special.

On other topics, Tuffers mysteriously failed to mention Ex CGCs shelling of the biggest dolly you'll ever see (perhaps he fears for his place?) and finally, it should be noted each one of my 19 runs cost me £2.89 as that's what I have just paid the osteopath to look at my bad back.

Tuffers left the following remarks on 16th June 2015

My bowling figures don't look as good as I had in my head! I'm sure I bowled 3 maidens, so hoping i didn't go for 37 off my other 4 overs! (although based on previous performances this season 37 off 4 overs would be me bowling economically!)

Nelson left the following remarks on 15th June 2015

Sadly i lost the litte motor skills i had yesterday ;-( still scared by my drop.... Today i Dropped coffee on myself while at my desk... Lucky i keep a spare set of business clothes at work.. All downhill from here for me lads...

Badmo left the following remarks on 15th June 2015

So did their scorer by the looks of things. I think Fevin and possibly Dillan got a few of Sukhi's runs. Siv, on the other hand, got away lightly!

GC left the following remarks on 15th June 2015

I think I got sun burnt yesterday.