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Demolition Job by the DJs.: vs Demijohns 28 Jun 2015 (Season: 2015)
Report by: The Nurdler

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Another day on the road, another cricket match for the band of strolling players that is Salix CC on tour. This was I think a match too far for the gallant boys in pink and green - coming as it did after a hard fought 20/20/20/20 confrontation with the Strollers in Malvern the previous day and a touch of overindulgence in the fine food offered by the Wellington Inn on Saturday night and (in my case) the irresistible lure of extra black pudding with my Sunday morning fry-up from the B+B. Whatever the reason, after winning the toss and batting, we made a hesitant start and lost Dozy to a catch by Fev fielding in place of a tardy Bison. Our Number 3 soon followed and after Delilah hit out then got out, we were indebted to a stand between Ex Cap'n Ben and CK1 to get us most of the way to our rather inadequate final total of 148. The only additional contribution worthy of mention was a fine innings -rolling back the years - from our returning Zimbabwean veteran who borrowed my new bat and made a good deal better use of it than I have so far.

Tea followed - the culinary delights of St John's are widely and justly renowned. I shall say no more.

We started bowling with a small hope - perhaps early wickets could spark an unlikely victory? Early wickets came thanks to a fine (and largely unrewarded) spell from Fev and some exceptional inswing bowling from Delilah. Four early wicket had us hoping but alas the only further reward for the team was a runout of the Bison (tardy again, I fear) and this merely hastened the end as their number7 smashed the remaining runs in double quick time.

Still a lovely day (in the end) and an excellent tour. Thanks to all our opposition, great matches played in fine spirit. Thanks too to YM for organising it all and taking the room with the shared facilities so that the other elderly gentlemen could have their en-suites.

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Salix CC versus Demijohns at St Johns Oxford on 28-06-2015(35 Over Game)
Salix CC (batting first)148for 9off35overs Match Lost
Demijohns149for 5off26.5overs
NoPlayerScoreHow Out
1.Deepak Winston24Bowled
2.Chris Lamont7Caught
3.Sivaarun Thangarajah8Bowled
4.Christy Kulasingam23Caught
5.Ben Shaw25Caught & Bowled
6.Fevin Mascarenhas6Run Out
7.Irwin Sarif15LBW
8.Mark Jolly9Caught
9.Tony Fletcher5Not Out
10.Dominic Spillane2Caught
11.Dillan Unadkat2Not Out
1.Dillan Unadkat50420--8.40
2.Fevin Mascarenhas7134134.0042.004.86
3.Deepak Winston711836.0014.002.57
4.Christy Kulasingam50210--4.20
5.Mark Jolly20240--12.00
6.Irwin Sarif0.5090--10.80
Ben Shaw1catch

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