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Squeaky time: vs Whalers 12 Jul 2015 (Season: 2015)
Report by: Elvis

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Teenwolf gets ton award
I always enjoy playing against Whalers, possibly because they were the first team I played against for Salix back on a grey afternoon in 2001 and possibly because we've played them for so long that they're the closest we have to an ongoing rivalry in what is otherwise cricket that lacks the competitiveness of a league: we create our own challenges and Whalers have been ours the longest and most consistently. It's a friendly rivalry of which Whalers have more often than not had the better and looking through recent results I hadn't realised that with two fixtures a year we were enjoying our longest ever losing streak against them.

At 40 without loss after 5 overs it looked as though that streak was set to continue: Whalers' openers play themselves in quickly and with a hard outfield scoring was rapid. A neat piece of captaincy positioning Teenwolf on the boundary at deep extra cover broke the spell after one of their openers was tempted by one of my slightly wider balls and slapped it high for a well taken catch. Thereafter the runs flowed, but a steady fall of wickets kept the score in check: I removed the other opener with a fortuitous clean bowled full toss, Stuart had the Whalers' former skipper LBW and Capn Badmo claimed his first hat-trick, the club's third, bowling two batsmen and having the third caught by a CGC doing well to avoid a threeway pile-up with Tuffers and CK1 in the process. Amidst it all Whalers demonstrated that years of interaction with Salix can be unfortunately infectious as they had their own Benny Hill style run-out to blunt their no. 6 just as he was looking dangerous. A final score of 176 wasn't quite what the opening overs had threatened, but there was a feeling we'd let the game slip a little when we'd had the upper hand and it would be a hard chase with rain forecast for the rest of the afternoon.

We started slowly, with the Direktor seeing out their opening bowlers with a straight bat in the hope of plundering looser balls from their successors; Whalers, however, came with a strong bowling line up and our founder soon returned to the scorers bench mumbling something about being past it, to be joined 2 minutes later by CGC mumbling something inappropriate for a family website. CK had meanwhile weighed anchor, scoring steadily whilst Teenwolf continued where he'd left off a few weeks previously and set about demolishing some good bowling with an array of well placed shots as the rain started to fall in earnest. A century partnership between the two of them had put the win in sight when Teenwolf was eventually bowled, precipitating the usual Salix collapse to make rain sodden trousers especially squeaky. It was at this ground two years ago that we'd lost to Whalers on the very last ball and with a couple of runs here, some dubious running there it came down to the final delivery again. CK, carrying his bat for the second time in his Salix career, ensured a different result this time, striking the ball firmly between the bowler and mid-off to seal the win and end another losing streak.

This was a pleasing result, not least because Whalers' batting and bowling was strong and we could quite easily have lost were it not for some level headed man-of-the-match play from CK that kept us in the game throughout and some power batting from Teenwolf that made the finish line feel realistic rather than unachievable. Thanks to Whalers for being as good losers as they are winners and for staying out playing in the rain to ensure a result either way: an abandonment might have meant the match figures being scratched from the record book and the Bad-trick being consigned to the febrile memories of the Salixites present, but as it is come next match he will somewhat schizophrenically present himself with his own novelty cling film wrapped ball in a cup.

Salix CC versus Whalers at Kings House Sports Ground Chiswick on 12-07-2015(35 Over Game)
Salix CC (batting second)177for 9off35overs Match Won
Whalers176for 9off32.5overs
NoPlayerScoreHow Out
1.Christy Kulasingam63Not Out
2.Tony Fletcher2Caught & Bowled
3.Stuart Lumsden0Bowled
4.Andy Spurr76Bowled
5.Deepak Winston1LBW
6.Ben Sarif3Bowled
7.David Padmore5Caught
8.Fevin Mascarenhas0LBW
9.Mike Ellis9Caught
10.Dillan Unadkat0Run Out
11.Irwin Sarif0Not Out
1.Fevin Mascarenhas3.5020120.0023.005.22
2.Andy Spurr40260--6.50
3.Mike Ellis5032310.6710.006.40
4.Stuart Lumsden7118118.0042.002.57
5.Deepak Winston20190--9.50
6.Dillan Unadkat50290--5.80
7.David Padmore622237.3312.003.67
Stuart Lumsden1catch
Irwin Sarif1catch
Andy Spurr1catch
David Padmore1drop
Irwin Sarif1drop

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