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Rainy day two on tour: vs Idle CC Lodi 01 May 2016 (Season: 2016)
Report by: The Smutmeister

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They are dry at least
Sunday was indeed drizzle, but the pitch drained well and the surface was perfectly fine to play on. This time Salix fielded first with ten men and it looked good for the tourists with the first three wickets falling for 23.

However then the younger players came in and, well, our fortunes changed with some solid batting from the oppo and fewer chances. We still bowled well with Nelson, Padders and Tuffers getting a brace each, and CK, Big Al and YM on one each so Idle ended on 181 for 9, which was a fair target.

After another great lunch, we took to the field, however all did not go to plan this time. Dozy got a very fair 14, but the rest of the top order went very cheaply and at 33 for 6 after 13 overs it all looked pretty secure for our lowest ever total (59). But to trot out the phrases cometh the hour cometh the men, YM and the Nurdler restored order and plugged away and took us to 72 for 9 after 27 overs.

A few beers after the game saw a pretty tired bunch of players then withdraw to soak their bones before a final dinner in town.

Salix CC versus Idle CC Lodi at Lodi on 01-05-2016(35 Over Game)
Salix CC (batting second)79all outoff29overs Match Lost
Idle CC Lodi181for 9off33.3overs
NoPlayerScoreHow Out
1.Christy Kulasingam1Run Out
2.Chris Lamont14Stumped
3.Sivaarun Thangarajah0Bowled
4.Tim Collins0Run Out
5.Oliver Ferrari0LBW
6.David Padmore6Bowled
7.Alistair MacDonald4Stumped
8.Dillan Unadkat0Bowled
9.Dominic Spillane13Caught
10.Tony Fletcher15Bowled
11.Oliver Ferrari6Not Out
1.Alistair MacDonald6027127.0036.004.50
2.Sivaarun Thangarajah7123211.5021.003.29
3.David Padmore6.3039219.5019.506.00
4.Christy Kulasingam6021121.0036.003.50
5.Dillan Unadkat7056228.0021.008.00
6.Tony Fletcher1014114.006.0014.00
Chris Lamont1catch
Alistair MacDonald1catch
Christy Kulasingam1drop
Alistair MacDonald1drop
Sivaarun Thangarajah1drop

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