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Well at least Andy Murray lost*: vs Whalers 08 May 2016 (Season: 2016)
Report by: Nurdler

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Smiling in defeat
Searching through the Nurdler match archives I find the following from July 2013: "Summer seems to have arrived in the South of England and a roasting hot Sunday found a short-handed Salix X fighting the traffic towards the old Civil Service Sports Ground** down by the river in Chiswick.I don't know if we won the toss but we batted first (for which we were all deeply grateful)."

Apart from the numbers, that might very well do as the intro for this match - does the King's House Ground always have roasting weather? ....and serious traffic problems?? This was the first UK match for Cap'n CK's new model army and the start was not auspicious. Granty copped two beauties that sailed past the edge and the third ball trimmed the bails into the bargain. Life was a struggle and Captain CK and Padders dug in and chiselled out a few at a rate similar to that of your correspondent back in the day. The change from the opening pair brought little relief and they both fell trying to pick up the pace, Arsey fell quickly too and we were 4 down for not too many in quite a few overs. Fortunately Nelson and Manav came together at this point and gradually reversed the tide, the run rate creeping towards 5 an over. At one point we had hopes of 170-180 but both batsmen perished in short order and though the remaining batsmen swung boldy, the Whalers' bowlers regained their grip and with some tight fielding kept us to 156.

Post tea we took the field with the puritan mantra "Bowl dots"; ringing in our ears. A few runs were leaked early but the introduction of GC brought the first wicket and then Manav and Padders combined economy with cutting edge and brought us right back into the mix. Dave bowled straight through for only 14 runs and 2 wickets and Manav went beat the bat routinely. At the twenty over mark it was 5 down for about 70 and we were eyeing victory. Alas, the sixth wicket partnership turned things on their head and although we picked up one of them, the batsmen kept finding gaps and boundaries and with four overs left they needed about 20 with 4 wickets in hand and two set batsmen at the crease.

It changed in a flash – Fev came back for his last two overs and served up a wide loosener/ deceptive slower ball (delete as appropriate) which was lacerated towards the boundary ... and intercepted on the full by Tuffers, a blinding catch, and when a pumped-up Fev yorked the number 8 with his next legal ball the balance had tilted back. Two more tight overs (and a recall of an lbw decision the batsman had stiffed into his pad) later, Stu was left with 5 to defend off the last over. The first ball flew fast off the edge and was snaffled by Tuffers in at gully - a second stunning catch to go with a brilliant all-round fielding performance from the baby of the team. A two and three dots left 3 runs needed off the last ball and when a thick inside edge squeezed past a diving Fev at square leg, the combined efforts of the Nurdler and Arsey were unable to prevent the third run.

So, a last-ball defeat to balance out the last-ball win achieved last year in the same fixture but a great match to play in and great opponents as well. Our turn to nick it next year, boys.

* A wilfully obscure title but if you check out the Agricola match from 2013 and the result of the Barcelona Open tennis tournament this Sunday you will see some perverse logic.

** Yes I know it's now the King's House Sports Ground but when I was a lad .......maunders on about village greens, tea and crumpets ..... gradually tails off into silence and falls asleep.

Salix CC versus Whalers at Kings House Sports Ground Chiswick on 08-05-2016(35 Over Game)
Salix CC (batting first)156for 8off35overs Match Lost
Whalers157for 8off35overs
NoPlayerScoreHow Out
1.Andrew Grant0Bowled
2.David Padmore8Bowled
3.Christy Kulasingam11Caught
4.Sivaarun Thangarajah69Caught
5.Adam Darling2Caught
6.Manav Bakshi44Caught
7.Stuart Lumsden7Caught
8.Fevin Mascarenhas2Caught
9.Roger Heaton3Not Out
10.Dillan Unadkat1Not Out
11.Dominic Spillane0Did Not Bat
1.Roger Heaton31160--5.33
2.Fevin Mascarenhas6020210.0018.003.33
3.Stuart Lumsden7046223.0021.006.57
4.Manav Bakshi7131215.5021.004.43
5.David Padmore721427.0021.002.00
6.Christy Kulasingam5126126.0030.005.20
Sivaarun Thangarajah2catches
Dillan Unadkat2catches
Manav Bakshi1catch
Christy Kulasingam1catch
Stuart Lumsden1drop

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YM left the following remarks on 9th May 2016

The 2013 season started with three last ball thrillas in a row, something I had never seen before in all my eons at the crease.

And one of them was against the Whalers and we lost that as well.

We can only therefore summon up the spirit of Zeno of Citium who founded the school of Stoicism (or perhaps as I prefer, Epicurus, who founded Nando's)